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Step 1

We'll have a quick discussion to understand your event and tailor our streaming services to fit your vision.

Step 2

Our team sets up all necessary equipment at your venue and runs tests to ensure a smooth, glitch-free live stream.

Step 3

On the event day, we handle all technical aspects, allowing you to focus on your event, assured of a reliable, high-quality live stream.

Matt and the Jasper Picture Company team are absolute rockstars! They consistently exceed expectations with the dozens of live broadcasts, webinars, and top-quality video recordings and edits they've done with us over the past few years. What sets JPC apart is their proactive approach to bring innovative ideas and enhancements that maximise the value, quality and reach of our productions. It's a true partnership where they go above and beyond and are genuinely invested in our success. Whether on-site or in their studio, Matt and the team's calm and supportive demeanour puts all presenters at ease, reflecting their decades of expertise. If you're after a production partner that delivers excellence every time, JPC is your go-to and we're thrilled to continue working with them.
Doug Johnstone
Doug Johnstone
We partnered with Jasper for a recent corporate panel event in Melbourne and it was an incredible success for us. Very professional and flawlessly executed. On-site the event team coordinated the live stream video and audio with professional precision. I highly recommend them!!
Jennifer Herman
Jennifer Herman
Cannot recommend the team at Jasper Picture's more highly - gold standard service, great comms, super professional livestream event. They were so flexible with all the things that naturally change with corporate events. Will work with them again definitely. Thanks again guys - we loved working work you.
Leilani Johansen
Leilani Johansen
Worked with the Jasper team on some corporate and testimonial videos. We were very happy with their thoroughness on the shooting days and the turnaround time and quality of the final edits.
Allison Ho
Allison Ho
Jasper Studios is easily our favourite studio, and certainly our go-to recording space every time we come to Melbourne. The studio is nicely soundproofed, the space is built so well, and not to mention that Jeremy and his team are super friendly and very accommodating. Looking forward to lining up our next project at this location.
Narrelle Paige
Narrelle Paige
I have worked closely with The Jasper Picture Company for many years across two organisations. In my current role as marketing manager for a Catholic all-girls College, we have worked with Matt and his team to produce various videos to support our marketing strategy. Matt and his team are highly skilled, professional and produce wonderful videos. In particular Matt will often add value with his particular eye for detail and suggestions to enhance our videos. Matt is great with all stakeholders and puts everyone at ease. These videos have truly helped with our social engagement and enrolments. I would highly recommend The Jasper Picture Company to anyone who is in need of a high quality video producer. Looking forward to our next projects! Thanks for making the process so easy.
Zenya Carmellotti
Zenya Carmellotti
Working with The Jasper Picture Company was a dream. Emel created such an iconic video for my business and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. She saw my vision and produced a video that i was beyond proud to launch my business with. Her ideas, offers and energy truly made the whole process amazing. I will 100% be asking her to film my next promo videos and I’m so excited for future collaborations!
Lara de koster
Lara de koster
Was amazing working with Jasper pictures ! Allot of fun and truly amazing how they could see my vision and succeed in creating a dream come true ! Will be back ! Thank you again 🙏
Shinasa Enayeth
Shinasa Enayeth
I have loved working with Jasper Pictures over the past few years. They go above and beyond from planning, filming to editing. The team there are easy to work with and I always get exceptional videos from them.
Kim Parker
Kim Parker
I’ve worked with Jasper for more than 7 months, delivering 10 separate videos, with more to come. The results have been outstanding and have been praised by people right across the organisation (healthcare). Not only did they meet every brief in an authentic and compelling way, they did so collaboratively and respectfully and earned the trust of everyone involved. They were also incredibly flexible and adaptable around the many logistical challenges of the organisation. Jasper have been amazing to work with and I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, conference live streaming has become essential for businesses to reach wider audiences and boost engagement. Imagine the potential of connecting with people from all corners of the globe, all at once, without the constraints of physical attendance. The Jasper Picture Company is here to help you unlock that potential and elevate your live conference streaming experience

Our Key Live Streaming Takeaways

  • The Jasper Picture Company offers a comprehensive live streaming solution for conferences.

  • Benefits of conference live streaming include increased brand recognition, global accessibility, potential revenue generation and cost savings.

  • Live Streaming also extends the event lifespan and greater audience interaction through real time chat & polls.

Why you should live stream your conference with
The Jasper Picture Company

The Jasper Picture Company excels in delivering a seamless and engaging live streaming solution for conferences that guarantees an immersive experience for your virtual attendees. Our professional team uses high-definition video equipment and state-of-the-art live streaming technology to capture every detail of your event. We offer:

  • Multiple cameras and different angle options

  • On-screen presenter names and company logos

  • Live online chat systems for Q&A sessions

  • Compatibility with any viewing device

We also recognize the need for effective live stream marketing, thus we offer simple ideas to promote your virtual event across various social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube Live, and LinkedIn. Our all-inclusive approach guarantees the realisation of your live streaming objectives, from the initial planning to the successful execution of your live event.

Our live stream guarantee

The Jasper Picture Company also offers an unmatched in Melbourne live streaming guarantee. If you choose to trust your live streams to us we will guarantee that your live events stay on line or your money back. We bring our own internet with multiple redundancies meaning we don’t have to rely on the internet in your building. We use a few different ways to make sure that your attendees don’t miss a minute.

Benefits of conference live streaming

Live streaming conferences, as well as live streaming events, brings about countless benefits that take your event to a higher level. Some of these benefits include:

Additionally, live streaming introduces cost-saving benefits by accommodating smaller conference sizes, thus eliminating the need for larger venues and significant catering expenses. Live streaming also offers a more engaging and interactive experience for your audience compared to pre-recorded content, thanks to features like chapter markers, custom calls-to-action, and email capture.

These events can help you expand your community. Up to 30% of the viewers that access your conference become more interested in the next event if the event was a success and the viewing experience was a happy one.

Extended Event Lifespan for your Live Stream

Conference live streaming does more than enhance the live event experience; it also prolongs its lifespan. Hosting and offering access to high-quality videos (as recorded) of your event online allows your conference to maintain interest and engagement long after its conclusion. This extended reach increases the visibility and impact of your live event streaming, creating a more compelling experience compared to pre-recorded content. This equates to more interest and more engagement in the long run.

Prolonging the impact duration of your event also offers additional marketing and promotional opportunities, allowing you to leverage captured content for future events or campaigns. Successful examples of extended event lifespans include The National Press Club’s virtual events,’s event live streaming services, and LinkedIn Events. 

Greater Audience Interaction

One of the benefits of live streaming conferences is the increased capacity for audience interaction during live events. (including for the audience there in person)

By incorporating real-time chat, reactions, and Q&A sessions, you create an immersive virtual experience that keeps your audience engaged and connected throughout the conference live stream, making it a successful virtual event.

The use of technologies, such as audience engagement platforms, interactive presentation tools, and live polling features, helps to enhance the level of audience participation during your live-streamed conference.

These interactive elements contribute to a comprehensive virtual experience, ensuring that your audience remains captivated and eager to participate.

We help you choose the right Live Streaming Platform

At The Jasper Picture Company we recognise that choosing the perfect live streaming platform for your conference can be intimidating. We provide comprehensive guidance tailored to your streaming goals, ensuring you make the right choice for your event. It could also be that we stream directly to your own website.

Our assistance in selecting a live streaming platform involves evaluating various factors, such as:

Personalisation and branding options for the live conference interface

Ease of setup and installation (for the client as well as those watching from home)

Monetisation potential of live content

The total live event user experience provided by the platform

Our goal is to make the live stream process as smooth as possible, so you can focus on delivering an engaging and successful live event streaming experience.

Running live stream polls and Q&A

Integration of interactive elements like live polls and Q&A sessions significantly boosts audience engagement during your live-streamed conference. Utilising tools like Mentimeter or Slido allows you to:

  • Create live polls quickly

  • Enable your audience to participate in real-time (and feel like they are part of the broadcast)

  • Gauge audience opinions

  • Measure sentiment

  • Keep attendees engaged throughout the event


In conclusion, if you were to live stream conferences with The Jasper Picture Company we offer a seamless and engaging experience for your virtual audience.

By leveraging professional video equipment, the latest live streaming technology, and interactive features, you can extend the lifespan of your event, increase brand awareness, and reach a global audience.

Embrace the power of live streaming and transform your conference experience today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between video conferencing and live streaming?

Video conferencing focuses on interactive and collaborative communication among a smaller group, while live streaming broadcasts content to a larger audience and focuses primarily on one-to-many communication.

What services does The Jasper Picture Company offer for live streaming?

The Jasper Picture Company provides comprehensive services for live streaming, including multiple cameras for different angles, on-screen graphics, online chat, and device compatibility. We provide a service that looks a lot like a broadcast television event.

Where can The Jasper Picture Company live stream events from?

We can live stream events from our video studio in Burwood in Melbourne or we can come to you wherever your live conference is going to be in Melbourne (or Victoria) . All we need on your big day is access to power (we bring our own internet) and we can start to engage your audience.