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How it Works

Step 1

We start with a discussion to understand your vision and objectives, making the concept development process easy.

Step 2

Our team handles all aspects of production, from filming to sound, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for you.

Step 3

We provide a straightforward editing and review process, ensuring the final product aligns perfectly with your goals.

Alice Ghazarian
Alice Ghazarian
Highly recommend Jasper Picture Company! We hired them to produce a 3 minute overview video about an Early Years support program. They provided excellent support, advice and communication throughout the whole process - from scope to final edits. The team are highly skilled and experienced and produced a final product we were all extremely pleased with. Thank you!
Good Gravy Media
Good Gravy Media
Great studio space for filming with audio :) Thanks to the team at JPC for making it easy to hire, bump in and bump out :)
Matt and the Jasper Picture Company team are absolute rockstars! They consistently exceed expectations with the dozens of live broadcasts, webinars, and top-quality video recordings and edits they've done with us over the past few years. What sets JPC apart is their proactive approach to bring innovative ideas and enhancements that maximise the value, quality and reach of our productions. It's a true partnership where they go above and beyond and are genuinely invested in our success. Whether on-site or in their studio, Matt and the team's calm and supportive demeanour puts all presenters at ease, reflecting their decades of expertise. If you're after a production partner that delivers excellence every time, JPC is your go-to and we're thrilled to continue working with them.
Doug Johnstone
Doug Johnstone
We partnered with Jasper for a recent corporate panel event in Melbourne and it was an incredible success for us. Very professional and flawlessly executed. On-site the event team coordinated the live stream video and audio with professional precision. I highly recommend them!!
Jennifer Herman
Jennifer Herman
Cannot recommend the team at Jasper Picture's more highly - gold standard service, great comms, super professional livestream event. They were so flexible with all the things that naturally change with corporate events. Will work with them again definitely. Thanks again guys - we loved working work you.
Leilani Johansen
Leilani Johansen
Worked with the Jasper team on some corporate and testimonial videos. We were very happy with their thoroughness on the shooting days and the turnaround time and quality of the final edits.
Allison Ho
Allison Ho
Jasper Studios is easily our favourite studio, and certainly our go-to recording space every time we come to Melbourne. The studio is nicely soundproofed, the space is built so well, and not to mention that Jeremy and his team are super friendly and very accommodating. Looking forward to lining up our next project at this location.
Narrelle Paige
Narrelle Paige
I have worked closely with The Jasper Picture Company for many years across two organisations. In my current role as marketing manager for a Catholic all-girls College, we have worked with Matt and his team to produce various videos to support our marketing strategy. Matt and his team are highly skilled, professional and produce wonderful videos. In particular Matt will often add value with his particular eye for detail and suggestions to enhance our videos. Matt is great with all stakeholders and puts everyone at ease. These videos have truly helped with our social engagement and enrolments. I would highly recommend The Jasper Picture Company to anyone who is in need of a high quality video producer. Looking forward to our next projects! Thanks for making the process so easy.
Zenya Carmellotti
Zenya Carmellotti
Working with The Jasper Picture Company was a dream. Emel created such an iconic video for my business and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. She saw my vision and produced a video that i was beyond proud to launch my business with. Her ideas, offers and energy truly made the whole process amazing. I will 100% be asking her to film my next promo videos and I’m so excited for future collaborations!
Lara de koster
Lara de koster
Was amazing working with Jasper pictures ! Allot of fun and truly amazing how they could see my vision and succeed in creating a dream come true ! Will be back ! Thank you again 🙏

About The Jasper Picture Company

At The Jasper Picture Company, we are a dedicated video production company passionate about storytelling.

With crews located across Australia, we bring a wealth of experience to every project. Our commitment to creativity, professionalism, and technical excellence sets us apart in the industry.

Whether it’s capturing a powerful narrative or ensuring high-quality video production, we’re here to turn your vision into captivating visual stories.

Communicare in Queensland on a video shoot for Telstra Health
Filming some video content in Melbourne for Intel.

Our Video Production Expertise

At The Jasper Picture Company, our Brisbane video production expertise spans various corporate, government, and not-for-profit sectors. With a diverse portfolio, we understand the unique needs of each industry and tailor our services accordingly.

Whether crafting compelling corporate video production messages, producing government communications, or conveying the impactful stories of not-for-profit organisations, our team, and our creative solutions bring a wealth of experience and creativity to every project.

We’re dedicated to delivering exceptional visual content that resonates with your target audience and achieves your goals.

Creative Video Concepts - Pre-Production

A successful video production project starts with a creative concept that aligns perfectly with your objectives. Our experienced team collaborates closely with clients to understand their vision, goals, and target audience.

We work diligently to develop unique and engaging video concepts that capture attention and deliver the intended message effectively.

Through a thoughtful and consultative process, we help you determine what will make a great video for your specific needs, ensuring that every frame serves a purpose and contributes to achieving your desired outcomes. Let us transform your ideas into impactful visual stories that leave a lasting impression.

Fitness video production shoot
Local council - government video production

High-Quality Filming - Production

With a wealth of experience in the field, The Jasper Picture Company is committed to delivering top-notch video production services.

We pride ourselves on using cutting-edge, high-quality equipment to ensure every project exceeds your expectations. Our team’s experience and state-of-the-art gear guarantees production excellence that sets us apart.

Whether capturing stunning visuals or recording crisp audio, we leave no detail to chance. Rest assured, your video project is in capable hands, and we’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality to bring your vision to life.

Professional Editing - Post-Production

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond filming. During post-production, we offer a comprehensive package that includes two rounds of changes, allowing you to fine-tune your video until it aligns perfectly with your vision.

Our skilled team also provides professional graphics to enhance your project’s visual appeal and impact. And, for added convenience, we include copyright-free music that complements your content seamlessly.

With these services, we ensure that your video not only tells a compelling story but also meets your precise requirements, all while simplifying the process for you. Captions are also standard on all of our video productions.

Stunning countryside location for a video production shoot.
whatsapp image 2023 03 30 at 12.49.34 pm

Why Choose Us for Video Production in Brisbane?

We offer a winning combination of expertise, creativity, and reliability. Our team is known for lightning-fast turnarounds, ensuring your project finishes without unnecessary delays.

We’re also committed to transparent pricing, providing you with clear and competitive rates so you can budget confidently.

When you work with us, you’re choosing a partner who brings your vision to life and does so efficiently and with your financial peace of mind.

Let us be your trusted video production services partner in Brisbane, delivering results that exceed expectations on time and within budget.

We have a proven track record as you can see in our Portfolio, showcasing our diverse range of successful video projects. More reasons to work with us include.

Creative Excellence: We bring creativity and innovation to every project, ensuring that your video stands out.

Our Track Record: Our Portfolio speaks for itself, showcasing our ability to produce captivating and effective videos.

Reliability: Count on us to be a reliable partner, dedicated to bringing your vision to life seamlessly.

Client Satisfaction: Our track record of satisfied clients and successful projects demonstrates our commitment to excellence.

Efficient Results: We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results efficiently, saving you time and resources.

How We Approach Creative Video Concepts

As a leading video production company we take a thoughtful and collaborative approach to creative video concepts.

We believe that the foundation of a successful video lies in a compelling and unique story.

Our creative team works closely with clients to understand their vision, goals, and target audience.

Whether it’s a corporate video message, government communication, or a narrative for a not-for-profit organisation, we tailor our concepts to your specific objectives.

Our goal is to create videos that capture attention and leave a lasting impact, ensuring that every frame serves a purpose in telling your story.

Corporate Video Production services filming in the CBD
filming requires video production release forms

Our Values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do. As a leading video production company in Brisbane we are dedicated to integrity, creativity, and excellence in every aspect of video production.

We believe in transparent and honest communication with our clients, fostering trust and collaboration.

We take pride in our social responsibility, and strive to make a positive impact through our storytelling.

These values guide us in every project, ensuring that we provide the best possible service and deliver exceptional visual content.

The types of videos that we make

Corporate video production services

Our corporate video production services are a testament to our commitment to excellence in visual storytelling and helping businesses.

We work with large and small organisations and we specialise in crafting compelling and professional corporate videos that effectively convey your company’s message and values.

Whether it’s promotional videos, training material, marketing videos or an internal communication piece, our team works diligently to understand your desired outcome and tailor the corporate video production to meet your specific needs. We can also create tv commercials meaning that we really are a one stop shop for all of your production needs.

With a keen eye for detail, state-of-the-art equipment, and a creative approach, we capture the essence of your corporate identity and deliver corporate videos that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

At The Jasper Picture Company, we pride ourselves on producing corporate videos that not only inform and engage but also reflect the professionalism and dedication of your brand.

Corporate video content doesn’t have to be boring anymore.

whatsapp image 2023 03 29 at 2.28.42 pm 2
Filming and creating non profit video production content

Government Video Production

Our Government Video Production service at The Jasper Picture Company demonstrates our deep understanding of the unique needs of government agencies and local councils.

We produce high-quality videos that align with government objectives and effectively communicate important messages.

What sets us apart is our extensive knowledge of the tender process, allowing us to seamlessly navigate the bureaucratic requirements and deliver exceptional video content that meets all compliance standards.

Whether it’s public service announcements, educational materials, or government reports, our team is well-versed in the intricacies of government projects.

We take pride in our ability to communicate complex information in a clear and engaging manner, ensuring that your message reaches the intended audience efficiently and professionally.

Government videos are different to regular corporate video style content or brand videos and with our extensive experience we make sure that your videos stand out.

Not-For-Profit Video Production

We are a video production company that understands the vital role Not-For-Profit organisations play in our communities and the significance of their messages. Our Not-for-Profit Video Production services are tailored to amplify their impact.

We work closely with not-for-profit clients to tell their stories, raise awareness, and inspire action through compelling video content.

Whether it’s showcasing their mission, documenting their initiatives, or driving fundraising campaigns, our team brings creativity and dedication to every project.

We take immense pride in contributing to the causes that matter most and helping not-for-profits achieve their goals through the power of visual storytelling.

We tell all of our video stories with empathy, whether they are a corporate video or tv commercials, but empathy is where non profit videos can really stand out.

Filming in a field outside Melbourne, Emel Berdilek with the Easyrig and Sony FX6
our videographers worked together to create this interview shoot

Web Video Production

At The Jasper Picture Company, we offer a specialised Web Video Production service tailored to help businesses thrive in the digital landscape.

Our expertise extends beyond creating captivating videos; we also possess in-depth knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Video SEO strategies.

We understand that having a stunning video is just the beginning. To truly maximise your online presence, we integrate SEO best practices into our video production process. This means optimizing video content to ensure it ranks higher on search engines like Google, increasing visibility and driving organic traffic to your website.

Our commitment to delivering not only visually compelling but also strategically optimised videos sets us apart.

We’re here to help your web pages climb the ranks and stand out in the crowded online marketplace, ultimately driving more engagement, leads, and conversions for your business.

Marketing Videos

Also called advertising videos, our marketing video service goes beyond simply creating visually appealing content. We are a video production company that believes that the key to successful marketing videos lies in a deep understanding of your business and its unique objectives.

We take the time to immerse ourselves in your brand, learning about your values, target audience, and marketing goals. This meticulous approach allows us to tailor our creative concepts to perfectly align with your marketing campaign.

Whether you’re looking to promote a product, tell your brand story, or engage with your audience on social media, we create engaging video content that is not only visually captivating but also strategically effective.

We’re dedicated to helping your small business (or large) achieve its marketing objectives with video productions that resonate with your audience and drive tangible results.

presenter adriatic training video
GETTING READFY TO GET SOME SHOTS FROM A CHERRY PICKER - our videographer emel knows that safety is first

Event Videos

In addition to our other offerings, The Jasper Picture Company excels in capturing  your events through our Event Video productions.

Whether it’s a corporate conference, a product launch, a charity gala, or any other special occasion, we have the expertise to document the moments that matter most.

Our team is skilled at seamlessly blending into the event atmosphere, ensuring that every significant moment is expertly recorded.

We understand that each event is unique, and our goal is to create videos that not only preserve the memories but also convey the energy, emotion, and excitement of the occasion.

With our event videos, you can relive the experience and share it with a wider audience, extending the reach and impact of your event long after it’s concluded.

Training Videos

We understand the significance of effective training materials in any organization. Our Training Video services are designed to empower your team with comprehensive and engaging content.

Whether it’s employee onboarding, safety procedures, product tutorials, or skills development, we create training videos that facilitate learning and retention.

We work closely with you to ensure that the content is accurate, tailored to your specific training goals, and delivered in a format that maximises comprehension.

Our dedication to clarity and visual appeal ensures that your training videos not only educate but also engage your audience effectively.

With these videos, you can enhance employee performance, streamline training processes, and promote a culture of continuous learning within your organisation.

As a video production company, we use training videos and know how important they can be.

Ormond Junior Football Club video production
Crating video content for training and recruitment purposes
Studio shoot

Next Steps

Ready to take the next step with The Jasper Picture Company? It’s easy! Simply fill in our convenient enquiry form. (You can find it below)

We understand that time is often of the essence, and we’re here to accommodate your needs. If you require a quote on the same day, just let us know, and we’ll prioritise your request.

Our team is dedicated to providing prompt and tailored responses, ensuring that you have the information you need to make informed decisions about your video project.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s embark on a journey to bring your vision to life!