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Press conference shot taken while creating a Video News Release or VNR for the Vic Return Campaign

The Plan

Step 1

We start with a discussion to understand your vision and objectives, making the concept development process easy.

Step 2

Our team handles all aspects of production  ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for you.

Step 3

We edit same day and provide a straightforward editing and review process, ensuring the final product aligns perfectly with your goals.

Why Video News Releases?

Media Coverage and Visibility

The primary stake in producing a VNR is securing broad media coverage. An engaging and newsworthy VNR can capture the attention of news outlets, leading to increased visibility and awareness of your organisation or message across various platforms. The challenge lies in crafting a VNR that stands out to journalists and editors inundated with content, making the quality and relevance of your VNR critical.

Public Perception and Credibility

A well-produced VNR not only informs but also shapes public perception. It’s an opportunity to present your organization in a controlled, positive light. The accuracy, professionalism, and tone of the VNR play significant roles in building or maintaining credibility with your audience and stakeholders. Poorly executed VNRs can have the opposite effect, damaging reputation and trust.

Message Control and Clarity

Unlike traditional press releases, VNRs allow for a higher degree of message control through visual and auditory elements. The stake here is ensuring your key messages are clearly communicated and understood by your target audience. This involves strategic scripting, quality production, and effective distribution to ensure the intended message is conveyed without distortion or misinterpretation.

So why us for your Melbourne VNRs?

Expert Storytelling with Media Insight

We combine expert storytelling with a deep understanding of the Australian TV news industry, crafting VNRs that resonate with journalists and broadcasters. Our team knows how to align your key messages with current news trends and audience preferences, significantly increasing the chances of your story being featured across media platforms.

High-Quality Production Standards

Our dedication to high-quality video production distinguishes us. With advanced equipment and a professional team, we ensure every VNR adheres to the technical and editorial standards expected by Australian TV news outlets, enhancing your credibility and the effectiveness of your message.

In-depth Knowledge of the TV News Industry in Australia

Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the Australian TV news landscape, we tailor your VNR to meet the specific preferences and requirements of local news outlets. This insight into what makes a story appealing to Australian broadcasters ensures your news not only gets aired but also connects with viewers, maximising impact and engagement.

Video News Releases (VNRs): Expand Your Media Reach and Control Your Message

A VNR is a collection of vision and audio that is supplied, often by a PR firm , to a news program so that the news program can create a news story.

Due to network cutbacks, tv news programs have fewer news crews to send out on the road but at the same time demand is increasing every day for information and it’s why we think that a great VNR should form part of your public relations toolkit.

You might need a video news release over a traditional press release for many reasons.

To make sure that only one camera crew traipses through your facility.

To reach a wider audience.

Press conference at St Kilda Football Club for a Melbourne VNR or Video News Release for TAC
Creating a Melbourne Video News release or electronic press kit in the northern suburbs. Shot is from a drone

Your Tool for Targeted, Wide-Reaching Media Coverage

To make sure that the right people are answering the right questions on camera.

Your story might be perfect for regional media attention but all of the “talent” are in Melbourne so its a great way to send your pics and audio to a country audience.

Video News Releases are known by a few different names. VNR’s,Electronic Press Kit and EPK to name a few.

MElbourne video news release production

How can we help with your VNR?

We will have a meeting with you to understand the purpose and the goal of your video news story. Is it time dependent? Is it location dependent? We will learn about your audience to make sure we are filming the right material and having the material sent to the right media outlets. We can zoom interview possible on-air talent to ensure we get the best voices in your video news release and we can also organise a location recce to ensure we are filming in the right places.

We will give you an accurate, transparent, fixed quote that will tell you everything you are paying for. We will add value by suggesting additional edits using the same broadcast quality material for different purposes, and will also keep your vision on file so that if you ever need to create something, we can put it to good use again, perhaps for social media.

We can also film/edit and deliver your video news release in Melbourne on the same day if you require it, getting you media coverage on the day of your event.

Each quote includes two rounds of edit changes to ensure you get what you want, basic motion graphics and copyright-free music.

If necessary we can also provide high quality audio grabs for radio and photos for any newspaper coverage.

You will have a producer allocated to your video news release project, and we would set you up in our system to ensure that you stay in the loop and know how your video is going and when you will receive various stages of the final videos.

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Next Steps

All you need to do is fill out the form below with a couple of details, and we will be in touch to set up a meeting. This meeting can be over zoom, or we can come to you.

Why The Jasper Picture Company?

With a background in News and Current Affairs our director of photography, Matt Jasper knows what news organisations need in terms of telling a story and how they need it delivered.

We know that we can help you and your organisation get your message out.

We can’t wait to work with you on your next video production. Get the ball rolling on your next video news release by filling out the form below.