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Bringing customers into your business to make a purchase can be a bit of a journey; some people call this a ‘sales funnel’, others a ‘sales mountain’.

Whichever way you look at it, if a potential customer is  even glancing in your direction, you need to reel them in and get them on board. Even if just one of the following videos could give you an edge over your competitors, why wouldn’t you take it?


The first video your business needs is one that explains some high level, ‘big picture’ stuff: in broad terms, what you do and what you stand for. You want this to talk directly to people who are landing on your website for the very first time. Have a think about what mindset those people may be in, and write your script with that in mind. Make it short — maybe 60-90 seconds —- and make it appeal directly to your potential customer, and have it address these issues:

  • What do they absolutely need to know about your business before travelling further along the journey?
  • What will keep them interested in you and your product or service, rather than have them drift off and find another company to deal with?

This video should be professionally made and should be developed with a potential ‘shelf-life’ of a couple of years, at least. It should be placed slap bang on your website’s front page, above the fold, so that people can’t help but see it when they land. This same video could also be one to send to potential customers who may have come across your contact details in a directory somewhere.


OK … your potential customers have shown some interest. You’ve given them a tease, so it’s time for them, now, to have more detail. This is where you will want a video that explains each product or service you offer.

Your potential customer is about halfway along the track to putting their money down. If you offer a few different products or services, why not have a few specific videos to show what can be done, and remember, talk about what problems or issues your product will solve.Target the script directly at someone who really needs your product or service. You could think of your approach this way: imagine you have just had a meeting with a potential client and that they have expressed interest in something you offer. When you get back to your office, send them the video that deals specifically with that product or service. Have a landing page that specifically targets people interested in that facet of your business and have your video on there. Having video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more.


The final stage of your video marketing strategy calls for a third video, aimed solely at converting that customer from a ‘potential’ to a locked-in status. Your potential buyer is just about there, nearly ready to sign on. They’ve heard enough from you; now they want to hear from others who are, or have been, in similar situations to them. They want to know that your product or service did what you said it would and they’ll get that message from testimonials.

Every year or so, ask your satisfied customers whether or not they would be willing to be filmed for a testimonial video. Include those customers that might have initially been reluctant, even include those who might have come up against issues along the way but ended up having their problems solved by using your product or service.

So there you go! Video will help grow your business, so get to it.

All of the videos we’ve spoken about above can also be shared on social media. The first video could be pinned to the top of your Facebook page, so remember add-ons like captions are essential (85% of people watch videos on facebook without sound). Also remember that there is a fair chance that your video will be watched on a mobile phone, so make sure it suits that platform.

Whatever marketing you are doing in your business, you need to be thinking about the customer and what their mindset is at every stage of the journey. Some people will buy with you today, others not for 18 months, but you need to nurture and value every one of them. They are the ones keeping food on your table and the ones keeping your dream alive. Picture yourself as a customer and make sure you know what you would be thinking as you go through the buying process. If you don’t give them the information they want, there will be plenty of others willing to satisfy their needs. Make sure your potential customer turns into a real one and then a raving fan of yours and all will be flying high.

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Matt Jasper

Matt Jasper is the owner of The Jasper Picture Company. He is based in Melbourne but works around Australia and the world.