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Looking for a skilled videographer to elevate your project? Look no further. Our highly experienced team specialises in creating stunning, high-quality videos for businesses, not-for-profits, and government organisations. We bring a unique perspective and creative eye to every project, ensuring that your brand stands out.

Using the latest technology and equipment, we capture breathtaking visuals and sound, paying attention to every detail. From pre-production planning to post-production editing, our videographers are well-versed in all aspects of video production and love working closely with clients to bring their vision to life.

If you need talented videographers based in Melbourne, we’re here to help. We’re the production company that other production companies rely on when they need a videographer. Let’s get started on your next project.

Matt Jasper a Melbourne Videographer seen here in the snow of Italy, started The Jasper Picture Company in 2014.


Meet our Melbourne Videographers

Emel Berdilek - Melbourne Videographer for The Jasper Picture Company

Emel Berdilek

Senior camera operator/editor

Emel is our rockstar senior cam operator and editor. Having studied at LaTrobe University she has now been plying her craft for some of Australia's biggest organisations. She is also one of the faces of Atomos.

Matt Jasper - Melbourne Videographer

Matt Jasper

Director of Photography

Matt started the Jasper Picture company in 2014 having returned from a 12 year stint covering the Middle East and Asia. He is an award winning DoP who loves the fact that he doesn't tend to get shot at at work anymore.

Filming on location - our videographers travel across Australia

Expert Videography Services

At The Jasper Picture Company, our Melbourne-based freelance videographers excel in delivering broadcast quality videography services for a variety of projects. Specialising in corporate videos, training videos, and brand videos, our team captures high-quality footage that effectively communicates your message. We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure stunning visuals and exceptional sound quality, bringing your vision to life with precision and creativity. Our experienced videographers are dedicated to producing raw footage that meets the highest standards, making us a trusted choice for businesses, not-for-profits, and government organisations.

Videography can work in many settings - in this photo, one of our videographers Emel, is filming in a Melbourne suburban home.

Engaging Video Content for Digital Marketing

Our skilled videographers understand the critical role of engaging corporate video content in digital marketing. We enjoy working on and creating videos that resonate with your target audience, whether they are an event video, a music video, or business videos. Our team works closely with clients to craft compelling narratives that foster emotional connections and drive audience engagement. By focusing on the videography aspect, we ensure that every shot is meticulously planned and executed to capture the essence of your brand. This approach helps you achieve impactful and memorable video content that stands out in the digital landscape.

Reliable and Professional Videographers

The Jasper Picture Company is known for its reliable and professional Melbourne based videographers who deliver high-quality results on time and within budget. Our team collaborates with you at every stage of the videography process, from pre-production planning to filming and editing. We pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the final product exceeds your expectations. Whether you need video content for digital marketing, corporate events, or training purposes, our videographers are committed to providing exceptional service and expertise. Trust us to capture your story with the highest level of professionalism and creativity.

A multi camera Melbourne Videography job at the Chinese Museum
Emel Berdilek - one of our Melbourne Videography team in the wild.

High-Quality Event and Social Videos

Our videographers in Melbourne are adept at capturing the essence of events and creating engaging videos. Whether you need coverage for corporate events, music videos, or other significant gatherings, our team ensures that every moment is recorded with precision and creativity. We utilise high-quality equipment to produce stunning visuals and clear audio, providing a final product that enhances your digital marketing strategy. Our videographers are skilled in various filming techniques, ensuring that your event videos are not only visually appealing but also effectively communicate your message to a diverse audience.

Tailored Video Solutions for Business and Training

Our tailored videography solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of business video and training programs. We create professional business videos that highlight your brand’s strengths and convey your message effectively. Additionally, our training videos are crafted to provide clear and engaging instructional content, making them an invaluable resource for staff development and onboarding. With years of experience and a keen eye for detail, our videographers ensure that each video project is completed to the highest standards. From initial concept to final delivery, we work closely with you to produce video content that supports your organisational goals and engages your audience on an emotional level.

Our rock star Melbourne videographer Emel berdilek is also one of the faces of Atomos products. In this phot she is filming in our Melbourne Studio

Why you should choose The Jasper Picture Company for any Melbourne videography needs.

The Jasper Picture Company is a Melbourne-based video production and live-streaming company with crew, including videographers, all over Australia. Many people don’t realise that we also offer freelance videographers or camera operators. We have worked with many production companies and television stations around the world.


We can also work for your business, not-for-profit or local council organisation on a half day or daily basis if you have something that needs to be filmed. Reach out to the team and get a quote for your next video productions, today.

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