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The Ultimate Guide to Uploading Videos on Instagram

There are two paths to go down when sharing pre-recorded Instagram Videos for your business: you can either add them to your day’s Instagram Stories or upload them directly into your feed. When out and about, behind the scenes or just whipping out your smartphone for the thrill of it, Instagram Stories is the best bet. As for anything that is destined to be more memorable, why not take the time to give the footage a quick edit & then share it in your feed for the largest possible audience to enjoy?

Intro to Instagram Stories

The great thing about Instagram Stories is that there is no expectation for you to edit your videos. These snippets are raw, spontaneous videos that give your followers insight into daily happenings and your team culture. They are just perfect if you work in a team that loves to have fun together at work or if your business revolves around going on naturally grammable adventures (as you can imagine, this is something that we—as a production company—are all too familiar with).

What Not to Do

Don’t overthink Instagram Stories. These are relaxed videos where you only need to share one or two ideas or messages to create an effective video. Here’s our top list of things to avoid doing:
  • Don’t repurpose videos (such as Youtube videos) on Instagram Stories
  • Don’t restrict yourself to shooting videos in the native Instagram app. Try shooting on your smartphone’s camera app
  • Don’t forget to take advantage of staggering content across multiple Stories—always ask yourself if a couple of shorter videos would create more opportunities for people to engage with your company and your chosen topic
  • Don’t be shy to upload something short (Boomerang is an ideal way to boost engagement on your shortest videos)

Planning In-Feed Stories

While we encourage you to be as spontaneous as you like on Instagram Stories, you can plan to your heart’s content when crafting something specifically for your feed. And if you have an ideas drought, fear not! Many people believe that, like a film, they need to write dialogue to make a successful video on Instagram. This isn’t true. Keep your photographer’s mindset and go to wherever the best scenes are—in your office, where you take your lunch, in the neighbourhood where your business is located; to name a few. Take your followers on a candid walk with you.

Stress-Free Editing Solutions

As a production company, we know first-hand the amount of time and effort that goes into editing beautiful videos. How do you know when you’re just being pedantic? Or when it would be a crime not to address some of those nitty-gritty technical issues? For the most part, you can construct your videos in a such a way that you cut down on the amount of editing required. Length is everything! We recommend you share videos that are around 30 seconds—or less! Equally important is optimising the first 2–3 seconds of videos. Many users won’t watch more than this and will have already formed an opinion about your video by this time.

The Sound Hack

When including sound in your videos—besides voice—be sure to pick a track that suits the overall tone of your page and brand. Ambient music tends to work for just about anything, especially videos that are landscape focussed, (which are incidentally perfect for the aspirational tone of Instagram). For time lapse videos, feel free to experiment with something upbeat to match the tone of the content. Talk to us if you have a want to tell your corporate story on video—for Instagram and anywhere else!

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