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Corporate Video Production Melbourne.

Why Melbourne Businesses Can’t Get Enough of Corporate Video Production

So you’ve noticed it, too, right? Melbourne is giving Sydney a run for its money in tech, finance, and healthcare. Businesses here are rapidly evolving, and one thing they’re throwing their dollars at is corporate video production. Let’s break down why this is happening and why, if you’re in business here, you should jump on the bandwagon. Melbourne’s Business Scene From scrappy tech start-ups hustling to the top to big-time corporations, Melbourne is a hotbed […]

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EdStart corporate video production company shoot.

Capturing the Spirit: Video Production in Melbourne, the Sporting Capital of Australia

Introduction Ah, Melbourne! A city where sport isn’t just a pastime; it’s a way of life. From the roar of the crowd at the MCG to the thwack of a tennis ball at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne’s sporting culture is a spectacle to behold. But how do we capture this vibrant atmosphere and bring it to screens, big and small? That’s where the magic of video production comes into play.  In this blog, we’ll delve […]

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Our video production crew at The Heart Foundation Coastrek walk in Victoria

Seven Things You Should Know About The Jasper Picture Company

Choosing a video production company is a significant decision for your organisation. The right company can help you create compelling content that resonates with your audience and drives your marketing goals. Today, we’re introducing you (possibly again) to The Jasper Picture Company, our video production and live-streaming company, and sharing seven things you should know about us.  1. Comprehensive Services to Meet Diverse Needs  The Jasper Picture Company is a one-stop solution for all your […]

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Ronny, standing in a field, speaking to camera near Portland about the new reconciliation action plan for his organisation.

How to Use Video Content to Train Your Employees

Welcome to the world of innovation and efficiency in employee training! At The Jasper Picture Company, we’re all about embracing the power of visual storytelling, and what better way to harness this power than through employee training? Video content has emerged as a big player in training, and for good reason; it’s engaging, versatile, and – let’s face it – who doesn’t love a good video?  In this blog post, we’ll take you through the […]

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Livestream Melbourne

Ten Tips to make your Event Live Stream more engaging

Plan and promote your live stream Whenever you have a live event stream planned, announce it in advance to your target audience and create a buzz around it using social media platforms, email, and other channels. A well-promoted event will attract more viewers. Have hosts create short videos on their phones saying they look forward to presenting and seeing everyone there. If you had a similar event previously, edit up a teaser video that showcases […]

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filming requires video production release forms

Video Production Release Form

Download your free Video Release Form Template If you are creating any kind of video production or photography content, you will need to get permission from anyone featured in the video for their likeness and their voice to be included in the video or photos. You will also want a video release form to include permission, if you want to do this, to use their likeness and voice not only in this video but to […]

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emotive storytelling

How long does a video shoot take? | Jasper Pictures

The standard response to the often-posed question: “How long is a video shoot?” is generally, “How long is a piece of string?” That may not be terribly useful, so in this article, we’ll try to be a little more helpful by looking in some detail at the different types of videos you may need, and how long each type might take to film. Some examples of what we’ve worked on – with actual timings – […]

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Patient Case Studies in Video Production

Healthcare professionals can benefit greatly by engaging a video production company to create a patient case study video, a tool that can, at the same time, help in highlighting a particular type or form of medical treatment and show your organisation in a very empathetic light. This type of video is one way to demonstrate successes, encourage patients to consider a consultation and to promote the organisation’s expertise to other health professionals for referrals. A […]

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JPC’s Melbourne Video Production Studio

In the middle of the pandemic in Melbourne, our inner-city office space suddenly became unavailable and we had no other option than to move out. In fact, we had been sharing only about 60 square metres of space with another video production company and that meant that both of us had, fairly quickly, to make other arrangements. Although it wasn’t an ideal space — on the third floor of a building in South Yarra, without […]

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2023 (2)


As we head toward the door marked ‘2023’, I wanted to do two things: firstly, review what happened in video production this year, then outline what I think will feature in 2023. Recruitment Videos 2022 saw a significant increase in the number of recruitment videos being produced. With COVID still circling and Australian skilled immigration down, the hunt was on for good recruits. As our visa application backlog climbed, 2022 saw a lot of competition […]

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