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How long does a video shoot take? | Jasper Pictures

The standard response to the often-posed question: “How long is a video shoot?” is generally, “How long is a piece of string?” That may not be terribly useful, so in this article, we’ll try to be a little more helpful by looking in some detail at the different types of videos you may need, and how long each type might take to film. Some examples of what we’ve worked on – with actual timings – […]

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JPC’s Melbourne Video Production Studio

In the middle of the pandemic in Melbourne, our inner-city office space suddenly became unavailable and we had no other option than to move out. In fact, we had been sharing only about 60 square metres of space with another video production company and that meant that both of us had, fairly quickly, to make other arrangements. Although it wasn’t an ideal space — on the third floor of a building in South Yarra, without […]

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Video Production for Small Business: How to Create Content without Breaking the Bank

“Matt — hold up! I just run a small business. How can I afford professional video production?” It’s a fair question. A basic video shoot and edit can cost anywhere from $3,500. How can a small business, as a sole operator, get professional video production for their website or social media … and be able to fit that within their budget? The first bit of advice I’d give would be to space things out.  Don’t try to […]

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