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As we head toward the door marked ‘2023’, I wanted to do two things: firstly, review what happened in video production this year, then outline what I think will feature in 2023. Recruitment Videos 2022 saw a significant increase in the number of recruitment videos being produced. With COVID still circling and Australian skilled immigration down, the hunt was on for good recruits. As our visa application backlog climbed, 2022 saw a lot of competition […]

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writing a breaf

How to Write a Video Production Brief

A video production brief is essential to ensure everyone involved in a video project is on the same page. You can avoid miscommunication and wasted time and money by clearly articulating your objectives, target audience, and desired outcome. Here’s everything you need to know about writing an effective video production brief. What Is a Video Production Brief? A video production brief is a document that outlines the essential details of a video production project. This […]

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sound in film - video production techniques

Sound in Film

Catchy radio-jingles you hear on the way to work. The screech of tires in an RACV ad. The loud foghorn that plays after radio hosts pull an ‘epic prank call’ by ringing someone’s mate. What do these have in common? Aside from haunting us on the morning commute, these are all examples of sound being used to help deliver a message. From radio ads to corporate videos, sound is fundamental to crafting the emotions and […]

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Social Media Campaigns To Be Inspired By

We’re approaching around 15 years of mass social media, which feels like 100 years in internet time. The depth of change in cultures, in platforms and their usage, in memes and ads has been massive; the one thing that’s stayed the same is how much is changing. It can be easy to get lost in the data and strategies, especially if you’re a marketer trying to showcase your product up against many thousands of others. […]

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60 Volunteers, 20 Languages, One Epic Video Production

This week we’re taking you through a behind-the-scenes tour of one of the most special video productions we’ve worked on in recent years. For immersion purposes, we’d prefer you read this in a voice with a charming English accent or any similar documentary-style voice. Just so we’re on the same page, this Melbourne video production spanned four months, 20 languages, 60 volunteers, and one SBS feature,  so if we seem proud, it’s because we are. […]

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2021’s craziest video marketing statistics

It’s hard to appreciate just how much our online world is booming. Sure, everything’s online now, helped partly thanks to COVID forcing us to Zoom and e-shop to meet our needs. But behind those websites is an analytical army that turns every click, hover and comment into a measurement. And some of those measurements are mind-boggling. Internet denizens are soaking up as much video content as they can get, often in as short snippets as […]

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The 5 Videos You Need on Your Website

Including videos on your website is a guaranteed way to get more eyes on your page and bump up your standing in Google. But which videos do you pick? We’ve gone through and created a definitive list of the types videos proven to get the best results. Above the fold  Above the fold videos follow a basic idea: show rather than tell. Now these videos are simple. No audio required, all you need are some […]

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Is There Any Point?

Is there any point? Video production companies are a dime a dozen. Everyone seems to know someone who knows someone else who creates video content. Most companies will use similar cameras, similar video edit programs and similar sound and light packages. So how do you choose who to work with? On a fundamental level, at The Jasper Picture Company we like to work for people we care about, people who share similar ideals to us, […]

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How To Start Your Next Campaign

Starting off a new marketing campaign can be difficult.  Some of you will have marketing budgets, some of you won’t. My thought on marketing budgets is that if your marketing is working, and if it is driving sales and profit, surely the budget shouldn’t be limited. If it is working, it should be ramped up to drive more sales and more profit. Ideally, your video strategy this year will be about testing, every day, to find a campaign that works. Then […]

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We Want To Make You Cry

Or laugh. Or maybe we’re trying to make you nervous. The whole point of marketing is to illicit emotional reactions from your audience. To read them and know how to grab their attention. And though reading minds may seem impossible, there is a secret weapon to master this content to audience connection: Empathy. Empathetic content is highly valuable within video marketing. Whether you’re a B2C or B2B enterprise, empathic content can cultivate your relationship with your […]

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