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our videographers worked together to create this interview shoot

Creating the Perfect “About Us” Video for Your Organisation

Introduction If you’re keen on crafting an “About Us” video that actually engages and converts — and doesn’t just sit on your website minding its own business — you’ve come to the right place! We, at The Jasper Picture Company, have been in the video production game for years, creating videos that tell compelling stories.  Interest: The “Why” and “What” of “About Us” Videos Why Bother? In this digital age, video content is more than […]

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Pleasure and pain in video advertising

Sometimes advertising is like doing arts and crafts as a kid. Sensations everywhere, boundless creativity and fun. It’s a good feeling! It meshes together the paper and scissors in a way you never thought possible. But sometimes advertising is your mum telling you to be very careful with those scissors. You feel nervous and sick as she tells you the legend of a boy who got them stuck in his leg, and something you barely […]

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