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An Introduction to Shopify and Video Marketing

If you went into a store to buy a pair of runners and on the shelf was one photo of the pair you wanted, would you buy them? Shopify has revolutionised the e-commerce landscape, making it easy for sellers to create and manage online stores. As competition online continues to grow, businesses must stay ahead of the curve to attract and retain customers. One powerful tool that savvy online retailers are using to stand out […]

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How to live stream an event

In this article, we’re going to explain how to approach live streaming of your event. This is a relatively new service that really hit its straps during the pandemic when, for pretty obvious reasons, the world realised that they couldn’t – and shouldn’t – all sit in one room at the same time. Live events moved online, new streaming platforms appeared and virtual events started to be shown on social media as everyone got into […]

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