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Live streaming from our sound proof video production studio

Interactive Corporate Live Streaming: Engaging Your Audience in Real-Time

Introduction Last week, we took a look at the power of live streaming and how The Jasper Picture Company is using this technology to connect businesses with their audiences in real time. This week, we will take you one step further into the world of interactive live streaming. The Power of Interaction Live streaming has changed the way businesses connect with their audiences, offering a unique blend of immediacy, engagement, and authenticity. But what if […]

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Doja Cat - live streaming

Live Streaming in a Post-Covid World

Sometime during the 2000s, there was a point where cameras and internet access were attached to so many phones they became ubiquitous. It’s hard to point out exactly when, but the smartphone really did seem to bring the whole world into the palm of your hand. Suddenly, it felt like, everyone had the means to self-expression online. There’s been much said about this but its impact on film, and on how we film, is still […]

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Melbourne Video Production Bec in Studio

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Next Entertainment Event Using Live Streaming

By Matt Jasper While Melbourne is currently under lockdown, it won’t always stay this way forever. In fact, when Melbourne reaches 70% first dose of vaccination, the government will start to allow teams of five people to go in and live stream events in entertainment venues, which means that acts from live music to comedy events can be live-streamed for your audience with a professional video production team! These events are not only a great […]

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The Secret To The Perfect Livestream

Zoom has become as common for businesses as stolen stationary and passive-aggressive email responses. But how can you best utilise live streams and online meetings to set yourself apart and keep your audience engaged? 1. Pick the right platform for your live stream Contrary to popular belief, there are multiple options available for hosting a Livestream. How do you decide which is best? Well, you need to ask yourself how big this Livestream will be? […]

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