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Live Streaming in Melbourne: The Jasper Picture Company Approach

Live streaming has become a powerful tool for businesses and organisations to connect with their audience in real time. It’s a tool that offers a unique blend of immediacy, engagement, and authenticity. At The Jasper Picture Company, we’ve embraced this technology and are continually working on what live streaming in Melbourne looks like. The Jasper Picture Company: Who We Are The Jasper Picture Company is a Melbourne-based video production company with a difference. We’re not […]

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The Secret To The Perfect Livestream

Zoom has become as common for businesses as stolen stationary and passive-aggressive email responses. But how can you best utilise live streams and online meetings to set yourself apart and keep your audience engaged? 1. Pick the right platform for your live stream Contrary to popular belief, there are multiple options available for hosting a Livestream. How do you decide which is best? Well, you need to ask yourself how big this Livestream will be? […]

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A Mini Production From a Distance

How do you capture an audience from the comfort of their own homes for a 2 day conference during COVID? The team at AFCA, reached out to us at The Jasper Picture Company to host a brand new member forum in the virtual domain. Now, this may seem simple. Zoom calls have been an undeniable marker of this year and one could easily be used to transpose this forum online. However, we had exciting and innovative […]

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