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How to Write a Video Production Brief

A video production brief is essential to ensure everyone involved in a video project is on the same page. You can avoid miscommunication and wasted time and money by clearly articulating your objectives, target audience, and desired outcome. Here’s everything you need to know about writing an effective video production brief. What Is a Video Production Brief? A video production brief is a document that outlines the essential details of a video production project. This […]

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How To Start Your Next Campaign

Starting off a new marketing campaign can be difficult.  Some of you will have marketing budgets, some of you won’t. My thought on marketing budgets is that if your marketing is working, and if it is driving sales and profit, surely the budget shouldn’t be limited. If it is working, it should be ramped up to drive more sales and more profit. Ideally, your video strategy this year will be about testing, every day, to find a campaign that works. Then […]

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Video Production for Small Business: How to Create Content without Breaking the Bank

“Matt — hold up! I just run a small business. How can I afford professional video production?” It’s a fair question. A basic video shoot and edit can cost anywhere from $3,500. How can a small business, as a sole operator, get professional video production for their website or social media … and be able to fit that within their budget? The first bit of advice I’d give would be to space things out.  Don’t try to […]

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