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Is There Any Point?

Is there any point? Video production companies are a dime a dozen. Everyone seems to know someone who knows someone else who creates video content. Most companies will use similar cameras, similar video edit programs and similar sound and light packages. So how do you choose who to work with? On a fundamental level, at The Jasper Picture Company we like to work for people we care about, people who share similar ideals to us, […]

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How To Start Your Next Campaign

Starting off a new marketing campaign can be difficult.  Some of you will have marketing budgets, some of you won’t. My thought on marketing budgets is that if your marketing is working, and if it is driving sales and profit, surely the budget shouldn’t be limited. If it is working, it should be ramped up to drive more sales and more profit. Ideally, your video strategy this year will be about testing, every day, to find a campaign that works. Then […]

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