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Patient Case Studies in Video Production

Healthcare professionals can benefit greatly by engaging a video production company to create a patient case study video, a tool that can, at the same time, help in highlighting a particular type or form of medical treatment and show your organisation in a very empathetic light. This type of video is one way to demonstrate successes, encourage patients to consider a consultation and to promote the organisation’s expertise to other health professionals for referrals. A […]

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The Hospital Videos Youtube Rejected

For the first time this year we had a situation where YouTube blocked three videos we produced for attempting to “profit off of a sensitive event”. More about that later. When Catholic Health first approached the Jasper Picture Company and detailed that they wanted a video expressing their gratitude to their staff, it was up to us to work out the best way forward. We edited together clips from a past St Vincent’s shoot, combining slow motion […]

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Covid Updates in 18 Languages

The Covid-19 lockdown has revealed a lot about ourselves.  We found out that we’re hopeless at puzzles, can’t bake sourdough to save our lives and that having ‘spare time’ doesn’t automatically mean we’re about to start reading every book under the sun. Looking more broadly though, this pandemic also shone a light on our communication skills and, more specifically, the difficulty with keeping our multilingual communities informed about the virus.  Enter the North Western Melbourne […]

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