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A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Stream an Event and Engage Your Virtual Audience

Introduction: The Power of Live Streaming In this blog, The Jasper Picture Company, a socially-conscious Melbourne video production company, is here to guide you through the art of live streaming. Whether you’re a not-for-profit organisation looking to share your story or a business seeking to connect with a broader audience, live streaming is your golden ticket. Step 1: Define Your Purpose and Audience Before you hit the ‘Go Live’ button, you must know why you […]

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A Guide to Creating Impactful Corporate Videos

Tips and Strategies from a Melbourne Video Production Company Define clear objectives Before you start any project like this, you need to know what you’re trying to achieve. So try to clarify, in your mind, what action you are hoping the viewer will take, and what you want to make them feel. Any high-quality video production needs to have its end goal well in sight right from the get-go; the clearer you are about your […]

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Corporate Video production ideas

Video Production Ideas 

At JPC, we’re often asked by potential clients about their video ideas, particularly in the corporate video production space.  Sometimes, ideas are driven by the need just to create something. We believe that this is the wrong approach; that, in fact, videos should be targeted at solving a problem, be that driving more sales, raising awareness or attracting new staff. The list is endless. Knowing your ideal client (your audience) and your brand is essential […]

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