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How to Write a Video Production Brief

A video production brief is essential to ensure everyone involved in a video project is on the same page. You can avoid miscommunication and wasted time and money by clearly articulating your objectives, target audience, and desired outcome. Here’s everything you need to know about writing an effective video production brief. What Is a Video Production Brief? A video production brief is a document that outlines the essential details of a video production project. This […]

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Knowing your audience - The Jasper Picture Company

Knowing your audience

Video Production Blog Knowing your Audience. There’s something intensely satisfying about watching something and feeling like it was meant just for you. Well, maybe not when Facebook ads pop up about the exact thing you talked to your friend about. That feels creepy. But instead, an instructional video that shows the exact problem and how you can solve it, or a front-page service film that offers you precisely what you’re looking for. We’re certainly guilty […]

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