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The Role of Psychology in Video Advertising

The Role of Psychology in Video Advertising: Exploring Consumer Behaviour

Introduction In the ever-evolving landscape of advertising, video content has emerged as a powerful medium for capturing consumers’ eyes and minds. But what elevates a video advertisement from merely eye-catching to emotionally compelling? The answer lies in psychology. At The Jasper Picture Company, we’ve seen first-hand how understanding the psychological triggers influencing consumer behaviour can transform your video advertising strategy from good to exceptional.  Let’s delve in. The Art of Storytelling Humans love stories. From […]

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Videographer Emel filming outside Melbourne

A Day in the Life of a Melbourne Videographer

Written by Emel Berdilek Welcome back!  I start my morning with a cold-pressed green juice and a leisurely 10km run. Then I have the perfect breakfast of the most perfect avocado and the most perfect toast and a side of my multivitamin … jokes.  LOL … I just microwave my oats for 2 minutes.  Every day is different. No, really, every day is totally its own adventure.  One day, I will wake at 7am and […]

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Music Video shot by The Jasper Picture Company

Case Study – Music Video Production

Written by Emel Berdilek The backstory Rugged up in front of the TV on a relentless Netflix binge is where most of us spent those icy Melbourne winter nights. Comfy, yes, but not really conducive to creativity!  Anyhow, it was on one of those nights I called up my friend Savannah and dragged her into the CBD to run some low light camera tests that, rather fortuitously, resulted in an accidental music video clip. Our […]

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