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Pssst … Do I have the webinar for you!

Everywhere you look on social media these days, people seem to be inviting you to webinars and such to unravel the mysteries of successful client engagement — on social media! You might sign up and get a little taste of what they’re on about, but then you could be invited (surprise, surprise …) to hand over some cash to attend yet another webinar where “all will be revealed”.

There can be plenty of benefit going down this path if you can choose the right person for your situation to work with, and I am sure they all have good advice in one form or another. I think, though, that there is a much simpler way to look at things, at least at the beginning of your social media journey.

A simpler approach

My advice to you and your organisation as the key to social media success is very simple: be social. That’s what social media is supposed to be, after all. And social implies engaging the readers, and viewers, through interesting videos, photos and text; those readers and viewers are all potential customers, but not people who intentionally visit social media sites to be sold to (at least they don’t think they are).  First up, people visit because they see something that sparks their interest and that elicits an emotional response, whether that’s just from its entertainment value or that it appears to be something they “need to know”. You should keep the mindset of these people — people just casually “walking past your shop window “ very firmly in mind when you are organising your content.

Trust, and building relationships

Let me give you a scenario: Someone you’ve never met appears at your door and tries to sell you a TV: what would you think? I know what I’d be thinking: I don’t know this person. Maybe the TV’s stolen. What’s the catch? I don’t have a relationship with this person. (And clearly: “Forget it! Get lost! No sale!”). If, however, the caller was someone who I saw every day, who made me laugh, or who taught me things, I would be much more likely to buy.

Before you start spending money on ads on Facebook or Instagram, before you look at running paid stories on any of the social media sites, you should be looking to build a base and developing relationships with a potential customer base; a base that will learn to trust you because it sees you every day, sometimes learns interesting and useful things from you and/or laughs with you.

Jump the counter (careful!) and be your own customer

You’re wanting to upgrade your social media presence, so why not put yourself in the shoes of your ‘ideal’ client or customer. What would they want to know? What is most likely to spark their interest? What would they want to learn?

But first, who are they? Who are these people you think should be using your services or products rather than your competitors’? Why not take an hour or so to sit down with your team to try and work out who the ideal client/customer, or, who your ideal customer/client ‘avatar’ will be. Is it new parents? Teachers? Dentists, maybe? Male/female? Age? How much would they earn? Where would they live? Do they have kids? Every business is different and will have a different target market. Make sure everyone on your team knows who your ideal client/customer is. Create your ideal client avatar and then print out a picture of what you think they’d look like, then when doing your social media posts, look at the picture to imagine targeting that avatar. Try and penetrate the mindset of your target market and make content specifically for them. So: What magazines do they read? What websites do they visit? What questions do they have?  Give them information. Give them laughs. Entertain them! And remember to Inject some life and personality into your posts. Social media users want to see that a brand has a personality, they want to be able to identify with that brand, they want to be able to relate with that brand.

Making one-to-one relationships work for you

If someone comments on your post, interact with them, no matter how big your company is. If a potential client/customer can have a question answered, then they will be one step closer to crossing the line into becoming an actual customer/client. Then, why not use that as an opportunity: take the question they asked and turn that into another piece of content. If one person is asking, you can almost guarantee that there’ll be others dealing with the same issue.

Growing your base like this — organically — will build a group of followers who are much more invested in your brand and who will come to identify with, and trust, your brand. It might be a slow burn, but you will hold onto these followers for longer.

If you would like to chat about any of the above please give me a buzz on 0467 092 907 or email . Have a great week.

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Matt Jasper

Matt Jasper is the owner of The Jasper Picture Company. He is based in Melbourne but works around Australia and the world.