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2021’s craziest video marketing statistics

It’s hard to appreciate just how much our online world is booming. Sure, everything’s online now, helped partly thanks to COVID forcing us to Zoom and e-shop to meet our needs. But behind those websites is an analytical army that turns every click, hover and comment into a measurement. And some of those measurements are mind-boggling. Internet denizens are soaking up as much video content as they can get, often in as short snippets as […]

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The Ultimate Social Media Video Guide in 2021

Video Production for the socials. Video is one of the most important aspects of your social media marketing. It’s no secret that people are watching more and more content on their phones, tablets and laptops every year. In fact, 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view them every day. Customers prefer videos because they can be made full of emotion, captivating, and exciting. While content writing is important, videos can do so much […]

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4 things we loved in Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Good 4 U’ music video

By Charlie Staindl It’s a month now since Olivia Rodrigo’s latest smash hit ‘Good 4 U’ music video was released, and you bet we still have a lot we want to talk about. The teenage sensation who broke out with viral hit ‘Driver’s License’ – is now a certified star after dropping her debut album, containing what we believe to be a Jasper Productions-approved BANGER. At the time of writing, ‘Good 4 U’ has over […]

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What To Watch This Long Weekend

There’s a long weekend coming up. For some this will mean a chance to rest and recuperate, for others it may be a spiritual weekend with family. Regardless of where you fall, we’ve put together some suggestions of high quality, fun, game-changing films you can watch over the next few days.  For the family focus Of course, breaks are often spent with family. But sometimes a lot of time with family can be A LOT. […]

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This is your sign to try a VNR

Covid am i right? If there is one thing that covid hasn’t affected it is communication, but it has affected the way news crews work. Many news teams across the country have been split into groups. Groups that are isolated from one another in case of an outbreak. What it ultimately means is that there are generally less news crews on the road day to day meaning less chance of them turning up at your […]

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The Hospital Videos Youtube Rejected

For the first time this year we had a situation where YouTube blocked three videos we produced for attempting to “profit off of a sensitive event”. More about that later. When Catholic Health first approached the Jasper Picture Company and detailed that they wanted a video expressing their gratitude to their staff, it was up to us to work out the best way forward. We edited together clips from a past St Vincent’s shoot, combining slow motion […]

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Covid Updates in 18 Languages

The Covid-19 lockdown has revealed a lot about ourselves.  We found out that we’re hopeless at puzzles, can’t bake sourdough to save our lives and that having ‘spare time’ doesn’t automatically mean we’re about to start reading every book under the sun. Looking more broadly though, this pandemic also shone a light on our communication skills and, more specifically, the difficulty with keeping our multilingual communities informed about the virus.  Enter the North Western Melbourne […]

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Christmas Video Content

It’s November already and we are predictably seeing christmas items appearing in the stores. Of course in Melbourne the stores only recently opened, but it’s a reminder that 2020 is nearly at an end (thank goodness). Certainly in Melbourne we won’t be able to have normal business gatherings to celebrate the holidays and even messaging from bosses will be different. We have had a few enquiries lately from businesses looking to create video content so […]

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WE TELL STORIES We’re a team of passionate storytellers who love to push the boundaries of video production. We believe that authentic human connections are at the heart of every great story. We relish collaborating with organisations with a story worth sharing, and we skillfully weave together video, words, images, and technology to bring their unique narratives to life. At The Jasper Picture Company, it’s always about the story, the message, and the impact we […]

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The Jasper Picture Company Contact Details Work with us Say hello Free call (within Australia) Whats App or Call 1800 527 737 (1800 JASPER) +61 (0)467 092 907 Current local time inMelbourne, Australia Or just fill in the form below to get a quote within 30 minutes Email Melbourne Video production Team Email Sydney Video Production Team Email Brisbane Video Production Team Our Crew Locations Melbourne Geelong Leongatha Ballarat Bendigo Sydney Newcastle Byron Bay […]

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