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Recruitment Video Production Services

Establishing a Clear Message: A Guide for Not-for-Profit Communications Teams

Introduction In the not-for-profit sector, the power of a clear, compelling message cannot be overstated. It’s the cornerstone of your organisation’s communication strategy, the heart of your mission, and the call-to-action must resonate with your audience. But how do you craft such a message? And how can video production enhance its impact? This guide will delve into these questions, providing you with practical tips and insights to help you establish a clear message. The Importance […]

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Adelaide Video Production | Jasper Pictures

We are Adelaide Video Production Specialists. Get a same day quote At The Jasper Picture Company, we’re committed to transforming your ideas into compelling video content. Our process is clear-cut and focused on delivering what you need: quality videos that get results, delivered fast, and within your budget. Place your booking today and we guarantee your first draft within 7 days post-shoot.​ Working For Not For Profit Government Corporate Get a same day quote Next […]

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AIDA for Impactful NFP Video Production

“Aida?” No, not the opera! Please bear with me, and read on … Video production is a great way to tell stories, to inform, and especially to rally support for various causes. One method that significantly enhances video narratives is the AIDA model. In the broader context of marketing, the AIDA model has been a pillar of effective strategy for well over a century. It’s a tried and tested formula that drives customer behaviour, guiding […]

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Professional Video Production Crew

How to Budget for Your Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production has firmly positioned itself as a cornerstone of effective marketing strategies. A well-crafted video can significantly increase customer engagement, enhance brand visibility, and drive sales. Venturing into video production, however, can be daunting, especially when it comes to budgeting.  This blog will provide you with an understanding of the costs involved in video production and give you some practical tips on how to set a realistic budget for your next project. The […]

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Introduction to Not-For-Profit Video Production

The world of video production for not-for-profits can sometimes be overwhelming. We decided to put together a guide – or a refresher – on the important things to consider if you’re thinking of heading down that path. The Importance of Storytelling Storytelling, especially when it involves the emotions, is essential to successful not-for-profit video production, and it’s a powerful way to connect with your audience.  Viewers will more likely relate – and react – to […]

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Corporate Video production ideas

Video Production Ideas 

At JPC, we’re often asked by potential clients about their video ideas, particularly in the corporate video production space.  Sometimes, ideas are driven by the need just to create something. We believe that this is the wrong approach; that, in fact, videos should be targeted at solving a problem, be that driving more sales, raising awareness or attracting new staff. The list is endless. Knowing your ideal client (your audience) and your brand is essential […]

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Case Study – A March 2023 Melbourne Live Stream Production

In 2020, when COVID hit our shores, many businesses were forced to move their conferences and forums online. Yes, there really was no choice: no one could leave home, guests were stuck overseas or interstate, and attendees couldn’t sit together in the same room. Quite some dilemma! The Australian Financial Complaints Authority – AFCA – was no different. Vital to their operations assisting individuals and businesses reach agreements about financial complaints were twice-yearly Member Forums, […]

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Live stream production

Livestream Melbourne Your Live Event, Perfectly Streamed withThe Jasper Picture Company’s No-Risk Guarantee https:/ Welcome to The Jasper Picture Company, your go-to experts for seamless livestream production in Melbourne. We ensure that your streaming Melbourne event is professional, engaging, and accessible to your audience anywhere. Trust our team for reliable, high-quality live streaming services tailored to your needs. Plus, with our no-risk guarantee and transparent pricing, your stream stays live or your money back. Talk […]

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Screenshot from a video production project that we filmed that was focussed around fitness - this was a screen shot from the post production process.

Case Study – Fitness Video Production with Zen

Written by Emel Berdilek 2022 was rolling slowly to a halt in Melbourne, like the runaway trolley you see at the supermarket that you pray doesn’t hit your car. After my trip to Coles to pick up some weekend snacks, I began scrolling through my Instagram to find a message from a lovely lady I had once met. Her name is Zenya. She tells me she’s starting a new Personal Training company in the New […]

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Corporate video production for your Melbourne business

Competition for eyeballs is fierce. Every company is vying for customers, and I’m sure yours is no different. You need a way to stand out from the crowd, and – we get it – that is not straightforward! Gone are the days of running an ad in the newspaper or on television. That approach was great at hitting a large audience, but you just had to hope that your target market would be watching or […]

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