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Music for your video


Music for your video.

“Ummm, I think we would like to use a Beyoncé track on our video”.

Sure you can do that, but just how deep are your pockets? (it would cost thousands of dollars to get the rights) and do you have permission from Beyoncé herself to use her music in what will, most likely, be a corporate video for your brand?

You can’t “just use” music like this, as such usage would break all kinds of copyright laws.


So, Beyoncé is definitely off the table, what music can you use?

Music is, quite clearly, a highly personal thing. What one person likes, another will think resembles running fingernails down a blackboard, so how do you get it right?

Firstly, you will need to listen to a lot of music. There are many websites out there where you can buy production music for videos. Here are three sites in different price ranges that I think would be a great place to start looking.

Let’s start with something like

Screen Shot of Audio Jungle

Music for your video – Audio Jungle Screen Shot

That’s right – 618,346 tracks are currently on AudioJungle, and they have a great interface for narrowing down your search. As you go through some of the more popular downloads you will almost certainly hear tracks that you have heard before in advertising campaigns. Depending on where you are going to be showing your video most tracks will cost around the $19US mark.

Next, I would suggest checking out MusicBed describe themselves in this way:

MusicBed is a full service licensing platform. We provide a highly curated selection of songs to filmmakers for use in media projects. We’re all about making quality music easily accessible, empowering creatives to tell better stories, and supporting musical artists.”

Again you have a great user interface on which to browse and choose the music that is right for your project. MusicBed is a little more expensive than AudioJungle but, personally, I think you can hear the difference.

Musicbed for your next video production

Musicbed is a supplier of music for your next video production


Last up in my quick production music tour of the internet is EMI Production music. The website can be found at

In Australia, you also need to be signed up to APRA ( to use this service. What I really like about this service is that you can browse online, but also — if you, as my client, have a particular music feel in mind — I can call EMI up and tell them that I would like a track similar to that. They will then get me a list of tracks with a similar style, usually the same day. EMI production music and others at this level tend to be established composers and musicians but at the same time they can be more cost effective than you may think (depending on what you will use it for). I have also found the staff very helpful in giving advice on what can and can’t be done.

The current APRA/AMCOS rate card can be found here –

EMI Production music for your next video

EMI Production Music Screen shot


Perhaps you thought that the music part of your video production would be the easiest bit, and what you’ve read above didn’t fit in with your concept of how it would all pan out. So … what else can you do? What other options are there?

Well, you could write your own music, or have a friend write it and perform it. You could also commission an artist to write a piece specifically for your video. These two options, though, are time consuming and often expensive and — considering that the client could end up hating the track that is produced — it’s probably going to be best just sticking to one of the options above.

Let me know in the comments below what music you use in your videos.

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