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… some things to consider

If video content is part of your external content strategy, Facebook videos need to right up there at the front of your mind.

There are so many reasons to put your videos on Facebook, including:

  • People are 85% more likely to buy a product after viewing a product video.
  • Video posts on Facebook generate 135% greater organic reach compared to photos, and the difference is even greater when it comes to text.
  • Adding captions to videos increases the watch time by 12%, on average.
  • In November 2015 around 8 billion daily video views were recorded on Facebook.
  • Around 100 million hours are spent on Facebook videos every day.

That’s a lot of videos, right?

The concern you have, then, as a content maker, is to stand out from the crowd. With so many videos out there, how do you get yours watched?

Seth Godin, in his book – The Purple Cow – talks about how, on a long trip through the countryside, you would be unlikely to remember any individual cow. However, if you saw a purple one, that you would remember! The issue for you, then, is how to make your video the purple cow that’s going to stand out, ‘moo long and loud’, and grab hold of people’s attention?

The answer is, of course, unlikely to be straightforward, but if you start with emotion, you should be heading in the right direction.

Your video needs to hit somebody between the eyes and make the viewer feel something. That ‘something’ could be happiness, sadness, fear or anger. Any of those emotional reactions will pique the viewer’s interest. In any case, whatever emotion comes to the fore, you need to ‘lay it on in spades’. There really is no point underplaying this. Clearly, you don’t want your video to get lost among the millions of others exactly the same.

What stories do you have that could make people feel something? Authors are often advised to ‘write what you know’, so why not start right there. What stories do you have that make you feel something?

Something else to remember. Most people don’t get past the first five seconds of a video, so that is where your engagement focus needs to be. Put your most powerful shots or audio right up front, so that when people see or hear those, they’ll want to stick around and engage with the rest.

One more thing: when you are putting a video on Facebook, remember that 85% of videos are watched with the sound off, so including captions is a must.

Right, now go out and make content, hit people between the eyes, and send me a link to your work. Also, if Instagram is in your wheelhouse then check out our blog on uploading videos to instagram –

Also check out our facebook page to see what videos we are creating and to stay up to date –



Matt Jasper

Matt Jasper is the owner of The Jasper Picture Company. He is based in Melbourne but works around Australia and the world.