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So you’ve noticed it, too, right? Melbourne is giving Sydney a run for its money in tech, finance, and healthcare. Businesses here are rapidly evolving, and one thing they’re throwing their dollars at is corporate video production. Let’s break down why this is happening and why, if you’re in business here, you should jump on the bandwagon.

Melbourne’s Business Scene

From scrappy tech start-ups hustling to the top to big-time corporations, Melbourne is a hotbed of innovation. And what better way to stand out in this bustling crowd than through a great corporate video? It’s like sending out an unforgettable digital business card.

Going Digital, Fast

COVID-19 shook things up and sent us toward the digital world faster than we thought possible. In-person events? Those were so 2019. Now, it’s all about digital content, and video sits comfortably at the top of that list. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of digital marketing—useful in almost any situation and impossible to ignore.

It’s All About the ROI

Look, video isn’t just for show; it’s a money-maker. Reports show that 80% of marketers reckon video has bumped up their sales (Hubspot). So, businesses in Melbourne are doing more than just making videos to look cool. They’re an investment that pays off in actual dollars and cents.

Social Media Fever

Melburnians love their social media; we’re scrolling through Facebook, double-tapping on Instagram, and networking on LinkedIn like there’s no tomorrow. And what stands out in those crowded feeds? Yep, you guessed it—videos. It’s like throwing a welcome party for your brand right on someone’s phone.

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Story?

We Aussies love a good story and Melbourne businesses are no different. Storytelling isn’t just for bedtime; it’s a powerful tool to make your brand stick in people’s minds. Corporate videos are like mini-documentaries that tell your story in a way that resonates.

Home-Grown Talent

Melbourne’s got skills—especially when it comes to video production. The city is bursting with talented videographers, editors, and strategists. (Check out our team of talent here) Plus, Melbourne itself is like a movie set with its iconic laneways, lush parks, and sleek business districts (we even have a blog on that). Why go elsewhere when you can shoot an Oscar-worthy corporate video right here?

It’s Not Just for the Corporate Giants

Here’s the kicker: You no longer need to be rolling in dough to make a corporate video. The video production process can be completed in-house, or you can go external. Even if you’re starting, you can get in on the action. Tech advances have slashed video production costs, making it easier for small businesses to join the video marketing game.

Keeping an Eye on the Future

We’re standing on the brink of a tech revolution with virtual and augmented reality (think Apple Vision Pro). And guess what’s going to be the star of these new platforms? That’s right, video content. So investing in video now is like buying Apple stock in the ’90s.

harness video production 2


From the 90s to now, Apple is a tech giant.

One Video, A Million Uses

What is the best thing about corporate videos? You can slice and dice them for different uses. Use them for internal training today and for a Facebook ad campaign tomorrow. Now, that’s getting the most bang for your buck.

Wrapping It Up

So there you have it. Melbourne businesses are all in on corporate video production, and it’s pretty easy to see why. From the solid ROI to the sheer versatility of video content, it’s a game-changer. If you’re in Melbourne and you’re not thinking video, you might just miss the boat.

Looking to dive into corporate video production? With Melbourne’s dynamic business climate and exciting digital trends, there’s never been a better time to get filming. Trust me, your business won’t just grow; it’ll soar.