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There’s a long weekend coming up. For some this will mean a chance to rest and recuperate, for others it may be a spiritual weekend with family.

Regardless of where you fall, we’ve put together some suggestions of high quality, fun, game-changing films you can watch over the next few days. 

For the family focus

Of course, breaks are often spent with family. But sometimes a lot of time with family can be A LOT. So here are some options to give yourself an extra hour or two to kick back and relax or alternatively, let the kids kick back while you desperately try to get that long list of chores done.

If you celebrate Easter: Peter Rabbit

This adorable movie, narrated by Aussie legend Margot Robbie, follows the classic Peter Rabbit tale with a twist. Watch as this star-studded cast brings the kids movie to life amidst all the wonder a vegetable garden can bring. 

Available on Netflix

If you don’t celebrate Easter: Zootopia

Yes, this does star a bunny but I promise, this is far from an Easter film. This thoroughly enjoyable movie has a strong female lead, a gripping story line and genuinely heartwarming moments. Not to mention, a hilarious sloth bit which is worth looking up, even if you don’t watch the movie.

Available on Disney +

For the needfully restful:

If you’re like me, this break was needed. There’s a million and one things going on at the minute so the idea of kicking back for a movie and a glass of wine is pretty close to perfect.

If you celebrate Easter: Jesus Christ Superstar

Rock operas may get made fun of but this one will not only give you a great night but your soundtrack for the next two weeks. Andrew Lloyd Webber creates an absolute masterpiece and, whether you follow Christianity or not, this is well worth a watch.

Available on Google Play

If you don’t celebrate Easter: Whiplash

I first watched this movie knowing nothing about it and MY GOD. The colours, the solos, the looks! Who knew so much could be said in one silent look. This movie looks at passion in a way which is both real and raw. And I promise you, that last five minutes will change your life.

Available on Google Play

And lastly, for the forever workers:

There are always some who, regardless of the breaks and in spite of the opportunity to sleep in, will see this weekend as the perfect time to work. 

For those amongst you, why not look at your online presence? Use this time to evaluate the content you’re creating. Are you best representing your brands and your products? Is there a better way to market yourself and produce the audience reaction of your dreams?

This is where we can help. Yes, we are a video production company. If you have a vision we will see it through. But we are also a highly creative team with years of experience dreaming up wild and wacky ideas. If you don’t know what direction you want to go in, why not give us a call? It doesn’t have to be a quote or a contract because the thing you should know about us, we love a chat. Let’s go through your brand, your values and find a fun project to best promote you.

And then, once you’ve done that, kick back and check out:

 Knives Out

Because you need to think about something other than work and this lighthearted, twisting and turning, Daniel Craig with an accent, wonder of a film is the perfect way to do that.

Available on Google Play

Whatever you hope to create, you can be sure we will be able to help you out. Give us a call on our new phone number, 1800 JASPER or, if you need some more ideas on what we can do, feel free to check out our work on Vimeo or read our past blogs.