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As we head toward the door marked ‘2023’, I wanted to do two things: firstly, review what happened in video production this year, then outline what I think will feature in 2023.

Recruitment Videos

2022 saw a significant increase in the number of recruitment videos being produced. With COVID still circling and Australian skilled immigration down, the hunt was on for good recruits. As our visa application backlog climbed, 2022 saw a lot of competition for staff, particularly in industries like health and hospitality. 

Short, sharp videos were the go. Often these advertised the locations in which the jobs were located as much as the assignments themselves, both important factors in finding the best staff for their businesses. Videos ended up on social media such as LinkedIn and other sites such as Companies told staff stories and featured everything from car parking to staff facilities to entice the right people. 

I see this trend continuing at least into the first half of 2023 as government programs to bring in qualified staff and train new local workers start to take effect.

Armstrongs Recruitment Video

Hybrid Events

The event industry stopped when COVID hit in 2020 (and yes, that now feels like a lifetime ago!). Then came a shift, with companies and organisations realising that they could continue events but have everyone online. 2022, then, saw the birth of the Hybrid Event, a mix of in-person and online aspects to a conference. Companies realised that they could save money by not flying execs in from New York or wherever and putting them up in the best hotels Melbourne has to offer. With the “working from home” model still in place, employees could watch and engage with the conference from the comfort of their own homes. 

Many people are still understandably worried about getting together in large groups, and I expect that hybrid events will be here to stay. Live-streaming tools like Vimeo’s new “Venues” feature will also change things up for clients, allowing different break-out rooms and main stages to be live-streamed simultaneously. Greater security and control will also be a feature of live-streaming events in 2023. Video production companies will be able to offer more engagement tools to get viewers sitting forward in their chairs. A focus on making events look like television panel shows will increase in 2023 as viewers want an alternative to something that looks like a Zoom call.

Google Answers

The world’s biggest search engine is betting on voice searches through Google Home/Siri/Alexa et al. becoming more prevalent as we head into 2023. Users are asking Google more questions as searches become more conversational. You will all have asked a question in the search bar, and Google will provide the answer directly under your search. This part of the search results page is often called position “0” and is highly sought-after as it appears immediately before paid/organic and local search ads. An example is below – I typed in “How do I cook an egg in the microwave?” and got the following result. These results are also sometimes called “featured snippets”.

I predict that more businesses will start adding “answer pages” to their websites. They will research the most often-asked questions about their service or product and create a landing page for each answer. Using a video and then a transcript of that video (so that it’s searchable on Google) on those pages will enable companies to answer questions that potential customers might have, meaning they will stick around on their websites longer. These are easy to produce. Once you have a list of questions, you could create a whole bunch in one day. They don’t have to be long, they just have to give the viewer what they need – information. Involve more than one person from your business, get them all into your office on one day and bang out 15-20 answer videos. We will be pushing these with our clients as we move into 2023 and will be suggesting ways for companies and organisations to utilise them across social media and their websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Video News Releases

COVID saw a return of Video News Releases or VNR’s. Due to social distancing, companies embraced the opportunity to only have one crew traipse through their premises and to only have one crew conduct interviews. Then this b-roll and the interviews were sent out to networks to cut together a story. This was particularly important in the health or research space where it was definitely desirable to have fewer people going through wards or sensitive areas. Regional TV stations were more likely to use the VNR content as they have less space to start with but still 30 mins of news to fill and it gave them an opportunity to report on a broader range of subjects. With COVID still lingering I see Video News Releases still being a hot item in 2023.

Video production content will only grow as our internet speeds increase and our desire to watch content specifically “made” for our viewing habits and interests increases.

Do you agree with the above? What do you think will happen in the video production space next year?

I will see you all in 2023 – I can’t wait. 

In the meantime, best wishes from The Jasper Picture Company for this festive season and for a healthy and prosperous New Year. Let’s work together to make a difference!