Video production and videos in general can get boring. Every minute 300 hours of vision are uploaded to youtube. A lot of them are the same and formulaic. But the videos which are different, which stray from the popular formular of the time, tend to be the most popular.

So how do you come up with a good idea that ignores the mould rather than fits it?

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Well, what is a good idea for you won’t necessarily be a good idea for other people, the video you produce needs to be unique. You may offer the same services and/or products as other companies.

Before you enter into any video production project you need to ask yourself a few questions.

What am I trying to achieve? Is it more sales? Is it fundraising? Is it awareness of the business? Each of these will lend themselves to a different kind of video, a different style of video.

What are the opposition doing in the video production space if anything? If your two main competitors are making basic talk head videos then maybe you need to do something different  so as to stand out?

Where does my audience hang out? Are they on facebook? TikTok? Linkedin? All of these platforms have different technical requirements and some even have different frame sizes that work better on that particular platform. If you don’t know where they hang out you can’t produce a video that gets watched. It will sit on the internet and get 8 views by the family and won’t create any return on video investment.

What do I want my audience to achieve when they have watched the produced video? Where are you sending them? Are you asking them to buy? Are you asking them to learn more? All of these answers require a different video production approach.

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Answers to all of these questions will help you or your chosen video production company to come up with an idea, ideally suited to your requirements. At The Jasper Picture Company we often sit down (there are 6 of us) and throw around ideas for new projects or new clients. Six heads are better than one and we find that we can come up with suggestions to help our clients get the best return on their video investment.

A good video production idea is an idea that gets you a return on your video investment and achieves whatever it is that you want to achieve. Start answering the questions above and you’ll be halfway to finding a great idea for your next video production.

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