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Buckle up besties, it’s time for International Youth Day!! Alright, so maybe the team at The Jasper Picture Company should leave the slang to the kids. Fine by us, we’ve got plenty more hip-young things to talk about. Film has moved far beyond the traditional 90 minutes in a cinema, thanks to innovation and a certain pandemic. Today’s top under-30 filmmakers are YouTube stars, savvy with social media and capable of jumping from trend to trend faster than many older creators can say “avocado”. But more than that, they’re taking advantage of the opportunities of 2021’s technology. The use of filters, cuts, lighting, sound and mobile filming has led to content we could only dream of 50 years ago. I mean, have you seen the ‘Tom Cruise Deepfake Guy’ on Tiktok? Very scary stuff. 

Anyway, as one of Melbourne’s leading video production companies, the team at The Jasper Picture Company want to make sure we’re keeping up with the competition of tomorrow – and today – which means taking a deep dive into these young hit Aussies’ work. So to celebrate the youth of Australia and some of the ground-breaking, trailblazing and often hilarious films they’ve put together, here is a guide to some of Australia’s top young film creators.

Fairbairn Films 

Matt (20) and Jaxon (18) Fairbairn have perfected quintessential Australian satire with well-thought-out and highly organised film production. The two brothers hail from Murray Bridge, South Australia, and have used their regional background to great effect in their online skits. Older brother Matt can usually be found directing and writing scripts, while Jaxon takes the lead in appearing onscreen, with collaborator Darcy Ahrns often joining in the fun. They even brought their performances to the stage in 2018, as part of a national tour. They’re known for blending their sardonic Australian sense of humour with some impressive internet-age editing, with frequent cuts and bad-on-purpose acting.

The brothers are most famous for their sketches, usually filmed at their home, which have amassed over 320 million views on YouTube and over 1 million subscribers on their channel. They’ve also landed the attention of the Australian media, where they’ve begun to feature heavily, and major sponsors, as they led the Playstation’s Australian campaign. Not too shabby for a couple of boys up in Murray Bridge.

Sarah Magusara

Ms Magusara (19) may not be a recognisable name to many in older generations, but she’s kicked off her career with some impressive numbers. Featuring mainly on Tiktok, Magusara has over 16 and a half million followers, and over a billion likes. Yep, that’s billion with a ‘b’. Impressively enough she’s also a mother, which she credits with helping grow her channel. She’s currently the second-most followed Tiktoker in Australia, with the most likes of them all (by some margin, might we add). For context, it was only two days ago from the time of writing that she amassed over a million views on a video.

Magusara blends a mix of lifestyle videos with occasional skits and dances, in line with many large accounts. Her now two-year-old daughter features heavily, as Magusara took viewers through her journey of finding out she’s pregnant, all the way up to giving birth and raising her. She also cleverly makes use of popular songs and sound samples, combining quick cuts and costume changes with classic sounds from The Incredibles, pop juggernaut Doja Cat and the UHOH challenge. Her unique blend of savviness, combined with the nowadays unconventional life of young motherhood, makes this emerging star one to watch.

Jacob Elordi

Elordi (24) is best known for his work in the Kissing Booth franchise, Netflix’ juggernaut that introduced the young Australian to a massive audience. Originally from Melbourne and later Brisbane, Elordi is the latest Aussie to make a name for himself in the American movie scene, following up his work by starring in HBO’s ‘Euphoria’, and is set to appear alongside Ben Affleck and Ana de Amas in upcoming Hollywood feature ‘Deep Water’. The next Hugh Jackman, you may be wondering? Well, that’s a high bar to clear, but Elordi has already endeared himself to a generation of young people who liked Kissing Booth enough to help turn it into a trilogy. 

This young star is one of Australia’s highest-rated young acting talent, even if his resume hasn’t shown off too much of his acting chops. While his breakout role saw him portray the hot-guy archetype, his Euphoria role was a deeper exploration of anger, sexuality and insecurity. Unfortunately for Elordi, like many stars before him, his good looks have made him fodder for tabloids with reports about him dating Euphoria co-star Zendaya and Kissing Booth co-star Joey King. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to seeing more of him, and wonder what his upcoming roles might bring to the table.


Kathleen Belsten (28) may be one of the more unknown figures on this list, with even this team of Melbourne-based videographers not having heard of her until very recently. But don’t worry, she’s doing just fine with a carefully curated audience since she started posting videos online in 2013. Belsten, known by her online name ‘Loserfruit’, is a Twitch streamer with 42 million views and over 2 million followers. Belsten’s numbers may be smaller than some others on this list, but Twitch is a notoriously tricky platform to gain a foothold on, so don’t write her off just yet. She’s the second-biggest female gamer Twitch has to offer, playing a mix of League of Legends, Overwatch and eventually Fortnite. She’s also branched out with her YouTube channel of the same name having over 3 million subscribers. 

Belsten rose to fame with her quick wit and video game skill, which has often been showcased to a live audience. Live Streaming is its own category of interesting, requiring an unusual mix of filmography techniques to offset the use of just a single mounted camera to record. A completed tiered reward system helps to encourage subscribers, while she has to interact with her Twitch chat nearly the whole time to ensure they keep engaged – all while being a top performer in a range of video games. This filmographic endurance event can take a toll, but Belsten’s prominence has propelled her to fame and success. With several sponsorships lined up with the likes of Gymshark and elf cosmetics. She’s also got a charitable streak, helping raise over $300 thousand for bushfire relief in 2019. Anyone with that kind of influence, who provides that level of support to charity, is more than OK in our book.

The Inspired Unemployed

These classic Australian larrikins have taken over Instagram in the last 18 months, with the pair reaching over a million followers and widespread acclaim. Matt Ford (27) and Jack Steele (28) got their interest in making videos after losing faith in their daytime jobs as tradies. The lads from Kiama, on the south coast of NSW, have made the most of pandemic boredom by shooting to fame online through their online comedy efforts. Ford and Steele have even breached the fashion industry, with a four-spread cover in GQ and features on Vogue Australia and modelling for Louis Vuitton and Fendi. Not too bad for a duo of self-titled Aussie battlers. 

The pair make the most of their natural flair for acting and comedy by filming sketches, often with exaggerated characters and typical Australian stereotypes. Their willingness to dish it out to both ‘city slickers’ and farmhands alike means their audience is large, while their savviness with social media means they don’t miss a beat in their impersonations of, say, ‘girls when they go out for brunch’. Trademarks of the boy’s work include high production content, with tracking shots and fairly sophisticated editing, plus the use of costumes and of course very large, attention-catching movements. This probably won’t be the first time you’ve heard of these lads, and it definitely won’t be the last.

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