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By Matt Jasper

While Melbourne is currently under lockdown, it won’t always stay this way forever. In fact, when Melbourne reaches 70% first dose of vaccination, the government will start to allow teams of five people to go in and live stream events in entertainment venues, which means that acts from live music to comedy events can be live-streamed for your audience with a professional video production team!

Bec in front of the camera in our soundproof studio |live streaming
Bec in front of the camera in our soundproof studio |live streaming

These events are not only a great way to keep your audience entertained but provide a way to interact with your audience and increase profits while staying safe. However, coordinating and setting up your live streaming event can seem a little challenging to do alone. In this guide, we talk about everything you need to know to set up your next live stream entertainment event to create an incredible experience for their attendees.

Why Should I Consider Live-Streaming My Event?

Did you know that online video streaming has doubled within the last year? There are many reasons to consider live streaming your event. The first is that it creates a way for you to perform for your audience since you cannot have a live audience in front of you due to current restrictions. This allows you to grow your brand, increase revenue and continue to interact with your fans from a distance.

video production melbourne - Live stream for AFCA
video production melbourne – Live stream for AFCA
Live streaming Videos from our studio in Melbourne

Secondly, it’s much easier than ever before to stream via mobile devices and desktop computers. This allows viewers from around the world to join in with their friends or family so they can enjoy watching together while being apart! Again, there are no limitations on who can attend, they simply need an internet connection and a ticket to be a part of your event.

As the world keeps changing, it’s essential to find ways to utilize technology in a creative way to continue in your career path, even if it looks different from previous years.

How To Set Up Your Live Stream Event

If you’re ready to create a live streaming event, you might be wondering where to start. Thankfully, we’ve broken down exactly how you can live stream your entertainment event to ensure that you, your brand, and your audience enjoy this experience.

Live streaming in Melbourne during the Covid19 pandemic - Video Production 2 cameras
Live streaming in Melbourne during the Covid19 pandemic – Video Production 2 cameras
Live streaming in Melbourne during the Covid19 pandemic

Brainstorm Your Event

The first thing you want to do is brainstorm your event. What type of entertainment would be the most fun and exciting for guests? For example, you could stream a comedy show or concert where all attendees can participate with their friends and family on another device. Or maybe you want to host a trivia night and interact with your audience via comments.

Regardless of the event, you want to do, the first step is to understand what your audience would find interesting and brainstorm the type of event you wish to create.

Create A Timeline

Once you’ve decided on the type of entertainment that will be streamed, it’s time to create a timeline. This is essential to keep your event organized and on track for success! For example, how will you start your event? Would you prefer an introduction, or do you want to jump right into the show? Are you going to make the event interactive, or do you want to perform your act without audience participation? All of these questions can help determine how to set up the timeline for your event.

Sit down with all staff members involved to ensure they know how they can contribute to the process. All staff should know their responsibilities, deadlines, and required materials, so nothing gets overlooked when creating your live streaming event.

video production taking place at St Vincents Hospital Melbourne
video production taking place at St Vincents Hospital Melbourne

Choose a Hosting Platform

There are several options for hosting platforms, but some of the most popular include YouTube LiveFacebook Live, or Zoom events. You can even stream directly through your website. When deciding which platform to use, you should consider what type of audience you have and what they would prefer.

For example, YouTube is an excellent option if your brand has an extensive following since it allows people to subscribe or follow along with new videos as soon as they’re released. On the other hand, Facebook might be more ideal if your target market includes older adults. It all depends on the goals of your event and where your audience likes to hang out the most.

Determine If You Plan To Sell Virtual Tickets

Virtual ticketing allows viewers from all over the world to tune into your entertainment event as if they were actually sitting in front of you at the venue, allowing them access even without having a physical seat or location available. One of the best ways to monetize your live streaming event is by selling virtual tickets or VIP seats. This gives you a way to create an additional revenue stream while incentivizing potential attendees to purchase their tickets early before they’re sold out!

Using online platforms, Like Humanitix, can help sell tickets for your event. Even if you’re planning to host a free event, you can still use the platform to gauge the number of participants interested in your event.

Promote The Event To Your Audience

To have a successful live stream, you must promote the event, so your audience knows what’s going on. Social media is becoming increasingly popular for promoting events because it allows people worldwide to interact with each other and spread ideas quickly.

The first thing that should be done when promoting an event is having graphics created by a professional graphic designer or through free tools like Canva. These can include flyers, Facebook posts, website banners/headers, email blasts – anything that will help market your show! 

The more creative and informative they are about your streaming service, the higher chance of success you’ll experience as an entertainer or having a sold-out show!

Hire A Professional Video production Team To Ensure A Smooth Event

Although it might seem like a great idea to film and edit your own live streaming event, we highly recommend hiring a professional video production team. It takes time and effort to properly shoot all of the angles needed for an engaging experience that makes people feel like they’re actually there!

The Jasper Picture Company Crew - Video production
The Jasper Picture Company Crew – Video production

You’ll also want someone on hand who can answer any questions or concerns you may have throughout the process. This ensures nothing gets left out when creating your video content, so it’s ready in time for launch day!

Test-Run Your Event

It’s essential to test-run your event before you go live so you can be prepared for any last-minute changes or problems that might occur. In addition, this is an opportunity for everyone involved to get familiar with all of the technology involved! If needed, make adjustments to lighting or camera angles.

Live stream Your Event

Once everything is set up, and you’re ready to go live, make sure your event attendees are aware of the time it’s starting. Don’t forget to remind them what platform they should be watching on if there’s more than one!

The most important thing is for everyone involved – performers included – to stay professional throughout the entire process so viewers know they can trust their favourite entertainers or artists with their business. If a problem does arise during streaming, keep your audience informed on what’s happening and the resolution.

When considering a live stream option for any entertainment events, we highly recommend being prepared ahead of time so all team members have a clear understanding of what will happen from the beginning till the end!

GoPro - Live streaming MotorAce - video production
GoPro – Live streaming MotorAce – video production

Gather Feedback From Your Audience

Once your event has finished, it’s essential to look back over everything that took place. What went wrong? What went right? Was there too much downtime or not enough interaction with the performers and attendees? 

It’s always a good idea to have the audience give you feedback on your live streaming event. You can do this by sending them a survey after an event has taken place or through social media posts that ask for their opinions.

In order for any entertainment event to be successful, focusing on finding what works for your audience and what they enjoy from your virtual events will help you create the best events possible. This feedback can help you repeat the event more successfully or create an entirely new event based on what your fans enjoyed.


For entertainers, finding ways to create a connection with your audience is essential during these times. With the help of live streaming, you can create awareness for new events, engage with your fans on a more personal level and get people excited about an upcoming show!

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