Zoom has become as common for businesses as stolen stationary and passive-aggressive email responses. But how can you best utilise live streams and online meetings to set yourself apart and keep your audience engaged?


1. Pick the right platform for your live stream

Contrary to popular belief, there are multiple options available for hosting a Livestream. How do you decide which is best? Well, you need to ask yourself how big this Livestream will be? How much engagement do you want? And what kind of atmosphere do you want to create? If it’s a large one with limited audience participation then a webinar is more appropriate than, say, an informal conversation via zoom. 

2. Adjust your plan to fit your platform 

Don’t just do everything the same as you would do live! Hosting it online means making adjustments which can often be for the better. Utilise break out rooms, hashtags and online interactions to keep your audience engaged from their homes

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3. Take lots of breaks

Keep in mind, your audience is at home. Think of your last meeting at work. Being in the conference room or office helps keep you focused and removes distractions. But at home, there are children, pets, cups of tea and neighbours which can disrupt workflow. Overcome this by scheduling breaks and giving everybody the opportunity to have a lovely cuppa before they refocus on the next section. We recommend utilising 45-minute windows of work followed by 15 minutes break, maximising productivity and focus whilst ensuring your audience can feel comfortable at home.

4. Rehearse and Pre-record

If you’re planning a large-scale Livestream, it can help to plan speeches and segments ahead and then have these pre-recorded. We have done this for a range of Livestream as it ensures efficiency and allows everyone to better coordinate the day. Not to mention, pre-recording means editing, taking out all of those pesky glitches, stumbled words and awkward audio which are common with live speaking via zoom.

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Whatever you hope to create, you can be sure we will be able to help you out. Give us a call on our new phone number, 1800 JASPER or, if you need some more ideas on what we can do, feel free to check out our work on Vimeo or read our past blogs.

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