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Introducing Our New Melbourne Soundproof Studio: Book Your Next Project Today

At The Jasper Picture Company, we are proud to announce the launch of our brand new Melbourne soundproof studio. While our team has always provided high-quality video production in Melbourne, we’ve expanded our offering to meet our client’s needs and offer a new way to step up your marketing and engagement with customers and staff. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about soundproof studios and how they can help your next project stand out from your competition.

What Is A Soundproof Studio?

At its core, a soundproof studio is a separate video production studio that prevents outside noise from entering in or inside noise from getting out. Our soundproof studio features sound insulation panels to ensure that you and your team can work without any distractions or noise disruptions.

What Can Be Filmed In A Soundproof Studio?

Soundproof studios are used to film a variety of video content, whether you’re a non-profit looking to create new materials for your website or an organization that wants to develop flawless product videos. Here are a few ways that you can use and book our new soundproof studio.

Melbourne video production sound proof studio - Bernard Salt in front of the camera
Melbourne video production sound proof studio – Bernard Salt in front of the camera
Bernard Salt AO came in and was our first live guest in Studio.

Live streams

One of the most common video projects is a live stream. Live streaming helps to engage with an audience and rally them around your video content. However, in order to successfully live stream, you need high-quality equipment as well as soundproof studio space to ensure that there are no interruptions from outside weather, trams, trains, or any other type of noise.

Live-streaming can be used for all sorts of video projects, from special events to conferences and more. Our Melbourne soundproof studio space makes it easy for our clients to film live stream content without any unnecessary distraction.

Product Videos

Creating promotional product videos is essential for any modern business or non-profit organization, especially since 73% of visitors who watch product videos will make a purchase afterward. However, if you can’t film it in a controlled area where you can showcase your products in the best light possible, you’re not going to attract the clients you need.

When you need beautiful video content of your products or services, our soundproof studio comes in handy. With our video equipment and optional green screen, we can help you create stunning video shots that showcase your products in the best light. So whether you need product video content for a website, social media, or commercial, product videos are the perfect addition to any campaign.

Green Screen – Chromakey Studio

Green screens are used by video creators worldwide to create a video that looks like it’s shot in front of specific locations or backgrounds. So whether you need to look like you’re in the middle of a city or at a corporate office, we can create an aesthetically pleasing, professional-looking video without any distractions. 


If you’re looking to conduct video interviews with a special guest, our soundproof studio is the perfect space for your video production. Our video production equipment and lighting make it easy to film a video interview in a professional setting without any outside noise or disruption from weather or other distractions. In situations where a re-take isn’t possible, such as an interview, you want to make sure to use the right equipment and studio so that the quality of the project is not compromised.

Podcasts And Video

Not only is video content one of the best ways to help you succeed with video marketing, but it’s also a great way to build trust and brand awareness for your organization. If you’re already recording podcasts, we can create a corresponding film with it to increase the reach of your content. This allows you to post your content to your favorite podcast outlet as well as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or any other online social media. In addition, shooting your video production and podcast needs at a soundproof studio allows you to reach a wider audience than your regular podcast content may be able to reach.


If you need video material for presentations, whether in front of peers, executives, or clients, video content is the way to go when it comes to presenting your ideas and concepts. Our soundproof video studio allows you to film in a controlled setting that has noise-canceling panels and video equipment that will capture your presentation in the best possible light.

Tutorials/How-To Videos

Tutorial videos are an easy way to help your customers understand how to use your company’s products or services while keeping their attention. If you have a hard-to-understand concept or want to increase the amount of buzz for your product, tutorial videos are a must. Additionally, video tutorials can be used in place of lengthy video instructions or even written instructions, which eliminates the need to contact your company to ask the same questions repeatedly as they’ll be able to watch the video at their own pace. Our soundproof studio allows you to create clean, clear, and compelling how-to or tutorial videos for your video marketing.


Testimonials are video interviews with your customers in which they talk about their experiences with your business. They help establish trust and build brand awareness while offering proof that the products or services you’re providing to potential clients works. Most importantly, video testimonials give viewers a chance to get to know the real people behind the company, not just an anonymous spokesperson that could be anyone.

Our Studio Is Available Now For Booking

As you can see, there are countless ways that our soundproof studio can be used to help both individuals and businesses benefit from new video content. So if you want to learn more about how our Melbourne soundproof studio can transform your next video project into a success story, we’re here to help at The Jasper Picture Company.

Our studio is now open and available for bookings. You can either choose to book it as a dry hire or rent it with an entire crew with equipment. So get started today getting in touch so we can chat about your video production goals.