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The Role of Interviews in Not-For-Profit Videos

The beauty of not-for-profit videos lies in their authenticity. They shine a light on real stories, real struggles, and, most importantly, real people making a difference. And what better way to bring out this authenticity than through a video interview? Interviews are the backbone of storytelling in not-for-profit videos. They bring out the human element, trigger emotions, and make your cause relatable. Have you ever watched a video about a cause and found yourself moved by the words of someone directly affected by it? That’s the power of interviews!

Shaun (The Heart Foundation) must've asked a funny question.
Shaun (The Heart Foundation) must’ve asked a funny question.

Preparing for the Interview

Preparation is critical to conducting a successful interview. Remember, the goal here isn’t to interrogate; it’s to have a conversation. Before the cameras start rolling, during pre-production, you must familiarise yourself with your interviewee’s background and story.

So, give careful thought to what you know about the person you’re going to interview: firstly, what’s their connection to your cause?; then, what unique perspective do they bring? Answering these questions will help you prepare a set of questions to guide the interview. The more natural and fluid your conversation, the more engaging your video content will be.

Choosing the Right Interviewee

Choosing the right person to interview can make your video … or wreck it if you’ve made a bad choice! Find someone who is passionate about your cause, has a compelling story, and can articulate their thoughts clearly. They don’t need to be professional speakers. A bit of raw emotion can add a layer of authenticity that will hit home with viewers. If you want, have a trial run of your interview over Zoom to give you the confidence that they really are capable of telling their story.

Holly’s mum was the perfect interviewee

Building a Relationship with the Interviewee

You’ve chosen your interviewee, so let’s talk now about creating a comfortable environment for them. 

We’re often asking people to share personal, and sometimes challenging, experiences, and to convey their story effectively they need to be relaxed. So, record the interview in a space they are comfortable with. Keep the number of crew members to a minimum and ensure that anyone extra on set is out of their eye line.

Building rapport and showing genuine interest can go a long way in helping your interviewee open up. A good tip is to have a casual chat before you start the actual interview to ease any nerves.

Interview Techniques

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. 

When conducting the interview, consider it a conversation, not a rigid Q&A session. Keep it fluid. Show empathy. Listen actively and follow up on intriguing points. Remember, the golden nuggets often come from the unscripted moments. 

Leave gaps after your interviewee has answered a question. Often, they will feel like they have to fill it. After all of your formal questions are out of the way, ask if there is anything else that the interviewee would like to add. You will be amazed at how much great material you get in response to an open-ended question such as that!

Keep the interview casual to make the interviewee comfortable and get the best results.
Keep the interview casual to make the interviewee comfortable and get the best results.

Technical Considerations

Technically speaking (pun intended), you’ll want to ensure your interview looks and sounds good. Ensure your interviewee is well-lit, the background is not distracting, and the audio is clear. If you’re not a technical guru, don’t stress! You can always employ your favourite local video production company to help out (hint, hint).


Once the interview is in the can, it’s time to craft your story in the edit. Here’s where you’ll weave the interview clips together, add B-roll footage to illustrate points, and maybe layer in some emotive music. Don’t forget to keep your overall message in mind and ensure the interview supports it.

Legal Considerations

We can’t forget the legal side of things. Make sure you have signed release forms from your interviewees permitting you to use their footage. It’s not the most glamorous part of the process, but trust us, it’s necessary.


There you have it, a little sneak peek into the art of mastering interviews for your not-for-profit videos. It takes some skill, a lot of empathy, and a dash of technical know-how. Next time you’re preparing for an interview, keep these points in mind. Here’s to telling impactful stories and making a difference through your videos!

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