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Melbourne Video production is easy with locations like this.

Filming in Melbourne at one of Australia’s most famous pubs. The Esplanade Hotel, St Kilda, Melbourne.

Choosing the right location for your next video campaign can seem challenging when you have tons of options to choose from. There are a lot of factors to consider before choosing a location, such as the cost, permissions needed to film, and what the area will add to your video in terms of value and local talent. However, if you find yourself unable to travel to faraway destinations for your next video project, you’re going to want to consider shooting remotely.

There are many benefits to shooting remotely, and many companies are looking to it as a permanent solution to their video needs. So, why is that? Shooting remotely brings tons of benefits to your team. Not only are you able to save money on travel expenses, but you’re still able to produce high-quality content with talented videographers in Melbourne that fit your companies needs without you having to be here physically.

Conducting video production remotely inherently puts companies in the position of sitting back and letting others do their job. While this may seem like a limitation to some, modern technology has allowed companies to control the footage from their home location, taking time to ensure that the video and quality are up to your expectations. This means that you can essentially create a video from anywhere in the world without compromising on the location by shooting videos remotely. So, where’s the best place to shoot? Let’s take a look at Melbourne, Australia.

The video production Talent is here in Melbourne

One of the most significant reasons to choose Melbourne, Australia, is because of the sheer talent in the town.We have a population of over five million people, with more than 140 different cultures represented, from countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia to Victoria’s original Indigenous inhabitants. Our thriving creative culture means that there are plenty of talented creatives to choose from for your next video project. Whether you’re looking for directors, videographers, writers, or talent, you’re sure to find the best available in Melbourne.

With tons of locations to shoot, you’re sure to find the type of location you’re looking for; whether this is a Melbourne beach, skyline, park, or for a corporate setting like a business office or a museum, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Clearly, the budget is essential to any shoot, but creative investment in an idea is just as critical. Everything from the thought behind your video production to the quality, preparation, and time is just as important as the money behind it, which is why investing in the diverse pool of talent in Melbourne is worth your time. Still not sure why you should choose Melbourne? Continue reading below:

Why Should I Choose Melbourne?

It’s a fact that Melbourne is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city has an international reputation for its multiculturalism, coffee culture, and live music scene. In addition, Melbourne is famous for being Australia’s sporting capital, home to some of the most significant events on earth, such as the Melbourne Cup Carnival and Formula One Grand Prix.

So why should Melbourne be your choice when it relates to your video production? It has a wide variety of locations for video shoots, perfect for any type of production you’re looking to make. Whether it be modern or vintage, there is an ideal location in Melbourne waiting for your team. Here are a few more reasons why companies choose to shoot in Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne video production is even possible in our famous laneways and coffee shops
We love coffee in Melbourne and WE love video production. It’s great to combine the two.
  1. Beautiful Coastline

Melbourne and Victoria more generally is known for having one of the most beautiful coastlines in all of Australia. Melbourne has an excellent spot for every type of video production, whether you’re looking to film at the beach or park. Plus, by shooting remote, we can ensure that your videos are created on days with ideal weather, showcasing these natural elements.

  • Gardens

Victoria was once known as the garden state and is full of beautiful gardens to make your next video production stand out. Melbourne offers diverse parks that range from Melbourne’s famous Royal Botanical Gardens to Fitzroy Gardens, which are breathtaking locations to film.

  • Live Music Scene

Melbourne has a thriving music scene that has been ranked number one in Australia and seven out of ten internationally. The live music scene also makes Melbourne an ideal place to shoot, with plenty of iconic venues like Rod Laver Arena, The Esplanade Hotel, The Corner Hotel or the Palais Theatre.

  • Large Population

Melbourne is home to the second largest population in Australia. This means that you’re able to find a large number of people who are interested in your video production project, which can help with budgeting and finding the right talent for the job.

  • Street Art

Melbourne is also known for its street art scene. In fact, some of the most iconic and well-known graffiti artists in all of Australia create works on Melbourne’s streets, like on the city centers Hosier Lane.

Melbourne Street art makes a great backdrop for video production. Hosier Lane
Melbourne Street art makes a great backdrop for video production. Hosier Lane, Melbourne
  • Wildlife

Phillip Island is a popular place where you can find wildlife to include in your videos. It’s famous for its penguin parade, which occurs every evening when penguins emerge from Sutherland beach. However, you can also find tons of other animals in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley, including Platypus, Kangaroo, Dingo, Koala, Wombats, and Echidna.

  • Variety of Business Settings

Suppose you need to create a video in a  corporate setting. In that case, there are tons of options available to you in the city, like Museum Victoria, Melbourne Convention Centre, or any of the various office spaces available within the city.

While we’ve only mentioned a few places in our article, there are tons of locations available throughout Melbourne. Whether you’re looking to make a big splash in a bright, colorful area or want a professional corporate video, you’re able to find the right location in our beautiful city. From the Yarra River to Melbourne laneways and arcades, there is a location for every video production.

Melbourne, Australia Is Open For Business

There is so much happening in Australia at all times, such as festivals, galleries, event spaces, and more, making it easy to capture tons of B-roll footage to include in your video.

Start With Your Remote Melbourne Video Production Needs With The Jasper Picture Company.

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to get started with your remote video production in Melbourne, Australia, we would be honored to help you with your project. The Jasper Picture Company is one of  Melbourne’s leading video production companies. We offer remote video production in Melbourne that is created to fit your company’s goals and needs. Here are a few of the ways we can help ensure that your remote video production needs are met in Melbourne:

  1. Efficient Remote Shooting

Imagine your dream Melbourne Video Production location. We can help you achieve that. We’ve worked on remote video productions for plenty of projects, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where we had to get incredibly creative and careful in how we shot videos for our customers. So not only do we have a team of expert videographers, but we have experience shooting videos remotely in Melbourne, Australia. You can even see what we are filming while we film it, from the camera’s perspective, wherever we are using the power of the internet and many of the most popular video chat applications. We also have super-fast internet so we can get your files to you quickly, even in 4K.

  • Constant Communication

We know how important it is to be able to communicate with your video production company. You’ll be in constant communication with our team before, during, and after the shoot to ensure that your remote videos are just as perfect as you imagined. If you need anything, we’re just a phone call, zoom call, e-mail, or text away!

  • Saves You Time

Shooting video remotely in Melbourne can save you a ton of time. You don’t have to coordinate travel, accommodations, and all the other logistics that go into a shoot. Instead, you get to focus on what is important to you, running your organization or business.

We’ve helped tons of people with their remote video productions here at Jasper Pictures since COVID-19 began. We know how important it is for your video to be a success and how valuable your time is, which is why we offer a no-hassle, reliable remote video production service.

  • A Melbourne Company with Local Knowledge

We’re a Melbourne video production company, so we know the city inside and out. We can tell you about popular locations that will be great for your video shoot location or the best times of the day to catch the perfect shot with the lighting. With our team, you get an expert in Melbourne video production and local knowledge.

Get Started With Your Remote Melbourne Video Production Company Today

The Jasper Picture Company is an independent Melbourne video production company with an eye for quality. Our team of professionals works hard to create high-quality content for businesses, not-for-profits, and governmental organizations who need quality video production services, especially if this needs to be facilitated remotely. 

Whether you’re looking to promote your business or grow awareness about your cause, we’ve got the skills required to get the job done on time and within budget. So if you’re ready to get started, let’s chat about your video project ideas today!