What is it and how does it work?

A retainer is a small sum of money, paid in advance which guarantees that clients can access services over a long period of time. This may be for a long-term project or smaller services each month. Retainers may look a little different from one another. For example, a classic retainer will include a fixed price per month and may create several projects in that timeframe whilst a single project model removes the month-to-month factor, paying per project but ensuring availability and quality.

Why commit to a retainer?

A retainer has many benefits, particularly if you plan to create video content across multiple campaigns.

For the client, a retainer can mean:

  • lower costs
  • priority treatment
  • a level of confidence not only in creating content but ensuring it is all of a similarly high quality

A retainer can reduce costs all around and provide security, as you won’t be surprised with additional costs or lump sums, bringing consistency to your marketing budget.

Is it right for you?

This will depend on your marketing budget and long-term stratergy. If you only have the finances for one day of shooting and are only planning a single campaign, then a retainer wouldn’t be the best fit. 

But if you have big plans for the marketing of your business then a retainer is the perfect option. It gives you the space to be creative, the security of consistent pricing, and the comfort of a relationship with a production company committed to creating the best content possible.

So you’ve decided to use a retainer…

You’re an organisation that has decided to sign up for a 12 month long retainer, electing 4 days of work a month. What does this mean for you? Well, four days each month, chosen by you, will be used for whatever project or campaign you desire. These days can be spent shooting, editing, taking headshots, it’s up to you!

 The key difference between this retainer and if you had decided to hire a company for each of those four days, is the overall costs is reduced. Furthermore, due to your long-standing relationship with The Jasper Picture Company, you know your work will be prioritised to ensure it meets whatever deadlines you may be faced with. 

Whatever you hope to create, you can be sure we will be able to help you out. Give us a call on our new phone number, 1800 JASPER or, if you need some more ideas on what we can do, feel free to check out our work on Vimeo or read our past blogs.

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