How we can create a video for you in seven days

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Today, we’re detailing a scenario some of our clients face: the need to produce high-quality video content under a very tight deadline—specifically, seven days.

From your first call to the final delivery, we’ll guide you through each step of our optimised video production process, designed to deliver a polished, professional video in just one week.

Whether preparing for a product launch, creating an event highlight, or pushing out a last-minute marketing campaign, the challenge is the same: producing video content that looks great, meets your strategic goals, and is delivered on time.

Here’s how we can make it happen.

Sony FX9 allows us to film on location and turn around fast video production. The Jasper Picture Company - Melbourne based video production.

Day 01: Initial Consultation

The journey begins with an in-depth consultation. This crucial first step involves understanding every aspect of your video’s purpose. Between us we will be trying to answer the following – What do you want to achieve? Who is your target audience?What action should viewers take after watching?

The answers to these questions form the backbone of our production strategy. Let’s take a deeper dive into each one of the questions.

What do you want to achieve?

When you begin planning your video project, the first step is to clearly define your objectives. In other words, what are the main goals you hope to accomplish with this video?

Are you looking to increase brand awareness, promote a new product, educate your audience, or drive sales? Your goals will dictate the video’s content, style, and messaging.

It’s important to be as specific as possible; instead of aiming to simply “engage viewers,” define what engagement means in the context of your objectives.

For example, if the goal is to educate, your achievement could be measured by the viewers’ ability to recall or apply the information after watching.

Who is your target audience?

Identifying your target audience is crucial because it influences every element of your video, from the script to the visuals, tone, and even the platforms where the video will be shared.

Start by creating detailed audience personas: consider demographics such as age, gender, location, as well as psychographics including interests, problems, and needs.

Understanding who your audience is will not only help in tailoring the content to speak directly to them but also help you to choose the right channels to reach them effectively.

For example, a video project aimed at teenagers might be more vibrant and fast-paced, and hosted on social media video platforms like TikTok or YouTube, whereas content for business professionals might be more formal and distributed via LinkedIn.

What action should viewers take after watching?

This question relates to the call-to-action (CTA) you want to embed within your video. Deciding on the viewer’s next step is pivotal in making your video a tool for achieving your business objectives.

The CTA should be clear, concise, and easy to execute. Whether it’s subscribing to a newsletter, visiting a website, sharing the video, or purchasing a product, your CTA should align seamlessly with what you aim to achieve.

Make sure it’s prominently placed—either in the middle of the video for dramatic effect or at the end to leave a lasting impression. The easier it is for viewers to understand what they should do next, the more likely they will do it.

Call to action - Melbourne video production company - Be the solution

Day 02: Logistics and Planning

On the second day, we’re moving pieces into place. This involves securing locations, organising equipment, and assembling our crew.

We ensure everything is double-checked and ready—because when shooting day arrives, there’s no time to waste on logistical hiccups.

Who plans what?


Production Crew Tasks: The crew will need to scout and secure appropriate filming locations. This involves assessing the suitability of each location for the video’s thematic and technical requirements and ensuring that all locations are booked for the necessary dates.
Client Tasks: The client may need to provide access or obtain permits for the use of certain locations, especially if the shooting involves restricted or private properties.


Production Crew Tasks: The production team is responsible for preparing and checking all necessary equipment, including cameras, lighting, sound equipment, and any other more advanced tools required for specific shots or effects.
Client Tasks: The client should confirm any special equipment needs or provisions, such as proprietary technology or products that need to be featured in the video.


Production Crew Tasks: The production team will finalise the crew list, including directors, camera operators, sound technicians, and other essential personnel. They will also coordinate the roles and schedules of all crew members.
Client Tasks: The client will need to approve the final crew list and their respective roles to ensure everyone involved meets their expectations and standards.


Production Crew Tasks: A detailed shooting schedule will be created, outlining what will be filmed, when, and where. This schedule is crucial for maintaining an efficient workflow during the shooting days.
Client Tasks: The client should review the shooting schedule to ensure it aligns with their availability and any key events or moments that need to be captured.

Permissions and Legal Clearances:

Production Crew Tasks: The production team must handle all necessary filming permissions and legal clearances to ensure the shoot complies with local laws and regulations.
Client Tasks: Clients may assist with leveraging their contacts or authority to access restricted venues or handle sensitive subjects.


Production Crew Tasks: Arrangements for transporting the crew and equipment to and from each location will be managed by the production team. This includes hiring vehicles and scheduling travel to fit the shoot timeline.
Client Tasks: If applicable, the client may provide details of any transportation or logistics they wish to provide, such as shuttles for large groups or equipment.


Production Crew Tasks: The production team will organize meals and refreshments for the crew during shoot days, ensuring that all dietary needs are met and that there are enough provisions for the duration of the shoot.
Client Tasks: The client should specify any dietary restrictions or preferences to ensure the catering accommodates all individuals involved in the production.

Filming on location - Mark with a sony FX6 in a field with cows, collecting raw vision for a video production project for a Melbourne company

Day 03: Filming

Day three brings your concept to life. Our experienced crew hits the ground running, capturing footage that aligns with the pre-defined objectives and storyboard.

Efficiency on set is critical, and our team’s expertise in directing, cinematography, and coordination ensures we maximise our shooting day.

Editing a video project using the latest video editing software in Melbourne

Day 04: Initial Edit and Review

With raw footage in hand, we use the latest video editing tools to begin telling the story. Our video editors start work on the structure, selecting the best takes, and starting to shape the video’s rhythm and pace.

This draft is then shared with you for feedback, employing collaborative tools like for precise, frame-specific annotations.

Delivered video content - Melbourne Video production - The Jasper Picture COmpany page on the website showing a completed video

Day 05: Implementing Feedback

Feedback is crucial, and on day five, we integrate your insights and requests.

This round of edits might include cutting or adding scenes, enhancing graphics, or adjusting the script narration to better capture the intended message.

Day 06: Refining the Edit

Continuing from the previous day’s feedback, additional refinements are made. This could involve further editorial cuts, visual effects enhancements, and preliminary colour work.

The goal is to fine-tune the edit so it not only conveys the message but does so in a compelling and visually appealing manner.

Day 07: Final Touches and Delivery

The last day is all about perfection. Final colour grading and audio sweetening are performed to ensure the video meets broadcast quality standards.

Caption accuracy is verified, and all deliverables are prepared in the required formats. The project concludes with the final video assets ready for delivery, ensuring you have a product that is ready to make an impact.


At The Jasper Picture Company, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle fast-turnaround projects without compromising on quality.

This seven day video production schedule is crafted to ensure that every aspect of your video is managed with precision and creativity, from the initial idea to the final output. Whether you’re looking to inspire, educate, or sell, we make sure your video stands out in the crowd.

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