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A video production brief is essential to ensure everyone involved in a video project is on the same page. You can avoid miscommunication and wasted time and money by clearly articulating your objectives, target audience, and desired outcome. Here’s everything you need to know about writing an effective video production brief.

What Is a Video Production Brief?

A video production brief is a document that outlines the essential details of a video production project. This includes the project, who it is for, how the video will be delivered, what the brand guidelines are, when it needs to be done, how much it will cost, and more. A well-written production brief ensures that all video production team members understand what needs to be accomplished and provides a video production roadmap.

You might give a production brief to a video production company when you are shopping around so that they can give you a quote, or it might be something you work on with your chosen production company so that everyone has more information.

Why Is a Video Production Brief Important?

A clear and concise production brief mitigates risk by providing all stakeholders with a common reference point. This helps avoid costly delays and rework down the line.

When everyone involved in a project knows what needs to be accomplished ahead of time, it’s easier to stay focused and on task.

It will also simplify measuring success against pre-determined metrics once the project has been completed. In addition, a good video production brief can help save time and money by preventing scope creep.

What should be in a Video Production Brief?

Project name

What is the video production project called?

Project Lead

Who is in charge of this project from the client side?

Video details

Purpose: What is the purpose of the video?

Target audience: who is the video aimed at?

Keywords to be targeted: What keywords or key phrases need to be included in the video for SEO purposes.

Publishing channels: Where will the final video be shown? Internally on your website or social media such as LinkedIn or Facebook.

Shoot date

When are you planning to film your video production content?

Deliverable due

What date are the video deliverables due?

Deliverables and specifications

In this box, you should list how many videos are required and how long they should be. You should also include what size you want the videos to be. Are they normal horizontal videos? Are they square for Instagram?  If you have more than one, list them. For example,1. Melbourne Video Production Story – 3 mins – 16:9 2. Social Media Video 1 min – Square 3. Cutdown of Melbourne Video Production – 30 secs 16:9

Video style 

Rough description here of the video style. Will it be interviews filmed outdoors and then filming b-roll in the offices of the client?

Tone of the content 

Is it a comedy video? Is it in more of a traditional corporate video style?

Key messages

What points need to be hit to make this video production successful?

Example Videos

Have you seen a video on youtube or Vimeo that you like, and that could be used as inspiration?

Video Production Brief preventing poor performance


Writing a comprehensive production brief should be at the top of your to-do list if you plan a video production. By clearly outlining the details of your project upfront, you can avoid wasted time and money due to miscommunication or scope creep.