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Competition for eyeballs is fierce. Every company is vying for customers, and I’m sure yours is no different. You need a way to stand out from the crowd, and – we get it – that is not straightforward!

Gone are the days of running an ad in the newspaper or on television. That approach was great at hitting a large audience, but you just had to hope that your target market would be watching or reading.

Nowadays, you can be so much more targeted. 

As an example, if you were a lactation consultant with a target audience of new mums, Facebook would allow you to specifically target them. In a similar way, Google would let you target people searching for specific terms such as breastfeeding advice or a new baby cot.

Videos via your social media allows you to specifically hit your target audience
Nicole Bando: Lactation Consultant

Clearly, for a targeted marketing campaign, it’s critical to be able to identify your typical customer and then be able to answer their most likely questions in your videos. Having done that, the video needs to be posted on the sites where your ideal customers are most likely to hang out. And, of course, creating a quality video that gives your ideal client all the information they need will go a long way to getting them on the hook for a sale.

What does your target audience want?

First up, you need to be pretty clear about what your customers want to know, and what problems they have – for which your company can, of course, provide solutions! The answers to questions like these will really provide the skeleton around which you can build your video. These questions, of course, are really your bread and butter; they will be what you’re asked every day by your current clients or by potential clients.

In our case, we’re often asked: “How should we best put a production brief together?” or “How much does a video cost?”, so we have made content that answers these types of questions. Because the business of video production in Melbourne is very competitive, we want to be able to answer all of our client’s questions when they jump on our website or look at our socials.

You should be looking to do the same thing with your video marketing strategy. Sit down with your team and brainstorm a top-ten list of questions that you’re asked regularly and consider making a professional video around each of these. They could be as simple as explainer videos where the boss of your company simply addresses these questions, with each answer being turned into a social media video.

You’ll want to know how much time would be involved in this: A good corporate video production company could get all of these videos shot in half a day. Our team recently created 17 videos for a dietitian and lactation consultant in that amount of time, and they covered a wide range of topics. The business owner then just had to add these high-quality videos to their website and social media. You can see them here.

Your company: tell them who you are and what you stand for …

As well as the services you offer or the ‘widgets’ you sell, your customers might want to know more generally about your company, perhaps covering your history and what you stand for. Customers always want to know who they’re dealing with, right? To meet that need, simple promotional, brand, or awareness videos might do the trick. You would post such videos on your socials and above the fold on the front page of your website so that potential customers can get this basic, but essential information straight away. These videos are a great way of getting people into the wide end of the sales funnel.

You might also have a variety of products and services that you want to tell the world about and you might create a video for each of these. You could then put these on each of your landing pages on your website to give more detailed information as the potential client gets to know you.

Through video you can showcase your products to clients and educate them from the start.
Mack Valves: Product Explainer Videos

We’re the Jasper Picture Company, and (like the government?) we’re here to help

In this whole process, engaging the right local video production company will also be key. You need a company that cares about your strategy to ensure two things: that the right video is being made for your circumstances and that it will be displayed on the right platform to have maximum effect.

A video producer should be sitting down with you and working with you on pre-production to ensure you get the most bang for your video expenditure buck. Good pre-production can help avoid problems later on in the production process; it also keeps everyone on the same page.

The Jasper Picture Company has been a corporate video production company in Melbourne for eight years and has worked with some of Australia’s biggest companies. Get in touch here to get the ball rolling. Other information on our services can be found here.