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It’s November already and we are predictably seeing christmas items appearing in the stores. Of course in Melbourne the stores only recently opened, but it’s a reminder that 2020 is nearly at an end (thank goodness).

Certainly in Melbourne we won’t be able to have normal business gatherings to celebrate the holidays and even messaging from bosses will be different.

We have had a few enquiries lately from businesses looking to create video content so they can keep staff engaged and motivated moving into 2021.

Let’s look at a couple of scenarios and how we can help.

Scenario One.

Your business normally has a christmas party where the CEO gets up and talks about how great the year was and how great everyone performed.

We can go in and record your CEO message and put it into a format ready to be sent to all staff. With current restrictions we are able to go to offices and record, of course staying COVIDsafe. We can use autocue so that your CEO doesn’t have to remember all of their messaging. Half day shoot with your CEO, with some accompanying vision, with an edit and delivery.

Scenario Two 

You normally have a christmas party for staff and stakeholders where different parts of your business report on the year that was. There might also be a host and a few acts or songs from staff or externally. This time, staff are still at home and no one is going into the office.

We can record all of the executive statements using video from our office. We will get the execs or host/team members to call in to our system from the safety of their homes, we then package this all up into a format that can be shared with staff. We can even have a live host that introduces all of the segments and it can be played through zoom/youtube/facebook/slido (or whatever system you use) to make it more personal and interactive.

Scenario Three

You normally have a christmas party for staff and stakeholders and you want to keep the live feel this year as well even though everyone is at home.

We can livestream a full scale xmas party with hosts and guests (even if they are at home) using our studio, our experience in production and our whizz bang internet connection. You want someone to dial in and talk to staff from Dallas, we can do it. You want a comedian in our studio, we can do it. You want a band to be part of the production from Chapel on Chapel, this too can be done, just get in touch with your ideas and we will make it happen.

Melbourne video production is back in business and we are able to film most things. We also have crews all over the country so we can be where you are. 

We are the production company that other production companies choose so get in touch and we can help you with your next round of video content.