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Written by Emel Berdilek

The backstory

Rugged up in front of the TV on a relentless Netflix binge is where most of us spent those icy Melbourne winter nights. Comfy, yes, but not really conducive to creativity! 

Anyhow, it was on one of those nights I called up my friend Savannah and dragged her into the CBD to run some low light camera tests that, rather fortuitously, resulted in an accidental music video clip.

Savannah – Music Video

Our clip got a really good response online; people loved it and I got to quench my creative thirst. One of the people fired up was Lara; she emailed me, enquiring about making a music video for her. Fantastic! In any case … we promptly set up a meeting with Chelsie, our Production Coordinator, and Jeremy, our Producer, to give Lara an accurate quote. That got the process well-and-truly underway. 

Lara told us how much she had loved the music video I’d made with Savannah and that she ‘wanted one just like it’. I don’t have the words to describe how excited I was that my video had made such an impact on her! We spoke a little about her ideas for the project and what she wanted in her music video. She had written a sad story about two lovers who had had some confusion about their relationship – if, in fact, they even had a relationship – a story I feel many of us know all too well. Lara was very keen to collaborate with us.

Lights, camera … beach, bedroom …

Lara’s concept was to film her music video in two very different locations: at the beach and in her bedroom – two separate backdrops for her video. 

We had a look at some images she had sent us of her bedroom. It was small. Very small, with not enough space for the camera movement and the dynamic shots I had envisioned. Our solution? We offered the use of our in-house studio here in Burwood. This studio has the perfect amount of space to rig lighting and to build a set to look like what’s required; in this case, Lara’s bedroom. We agreed to take advantage of the cyclorama and have a double bed lit to make it appear to be floating. I wanted to take this one step further and suggested we surround the bed with a sea of lamps, something I’ve always wanted to try!

Day #1 of our shoot commenced at the rather unearthly hour of 2 am when I ripped myself, dazed and confused, out of bed to pack the car and drive to Seaford Beach. I arrived to see the crew already on site, ready to roll. It was, of course, entirely my fault we were there so early, but I assured Lara that the lack of other people, the high contrast lighting at sunrise, and the mood of the colours would be well worth the effort! 

As soon as we hit first light, we started filming. The last shot of the day was Lara walking into the water and falling in. We had one shot – Lara fully committed! The poor thing was freezing, but, luckily for her, she got to run straight home to a hot shower and a warm bed. Overall, despite dodging the odd morning person going for their 5:30am run, it was a seamless shoot. 

On our second day, we got a head start setting up the lamps and the bed in our studio. When Lara arrived, she was very happy with the final look. Based on her script, Val (the man in the video), Lara, and I talked about the performance and rehearsed the scene a few times before we were satisfied. That gave me a chance to see the action and plan angles; I also quickly came to the realisation that there really are only so many ways you can shoot a blank canvas! 

Fuelled by a high degree of creative excitement, I finalised the edits of the music video in a day and a half. Lara was over the moon with the end product and told me she cried happy tears! She reckoned the result was better than she had envisaged. 

The final music video!

Our final step was to help Lara put together a short,10-second promotion for the music video release date. That was scheduled for 24 February 2023 on YouTube.

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