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Written by Emel Berdilek

2022 was rolling slowly to a halt in Melbourne, like the runaway trolley you see at the supermarket that you pray doesn’t hit your car. After my trip to Coles to pick up some weekend snacks, I began scrolling through my Instagram to find a message from a lovely lady I had once met. Her name is Zenya. She tells me she’s starting a new Personal Training company in the New Year called Fit With Zen, that she was looking for a video production company, and that a mutual friend of ours suggested that I shoot the video. Of course, I got excited! 

Zenya, owner of her own Personal Training called Fit With Zen
Zenya – Owner of Fit with Zen

I, myself, am passionate about fitness, and I wanted to help her get the best video production possible for her new business. Zenya wanted to do this properly and create a Professional Business Video showcasing herself training with clients in her Group-Training as well as her private Personal Training sessions. The video needed to be fun and fast-paced, with a dance-worthy soundtrack and some text on screen detailing what she offers. 

Pre Production

I tap danced my fingertips away at my phone just happily chatting to Zenya about the idea, after which I sent her our Production Coordinator (Chelsie’s) email to organise a zoom meeting to help accurately quote for what she wanted and to lock in some film dates. 

Client and talent on set beaming with how the shoot was going and having a lot of fun
Zenya’s smile and enthusiasm lit up the video

With our shoot day approaching, Zenya, myself and our Video Producer, Jeremy, touched base via Zoom to discuss and refine details about the day, including shot ideas I’d come up with, music, pacing and what Zenya could expect on the day. To be most cost-effective and the highest value to Zenya, we managed to fit in one Camera Operator (myself) and one Producer to be present on the day of the shoot. We decided in pre-production to shoot everything in 4K, 50fps to speed ramp and be able to play with the footage in post-production. 

Shoot Day

We were gifted with a beautiful Melbourne day for our early morning shoot in Werribee. Zenya had organised all her friends and clients to be part of our Hollywood shoot Bootcamp! I spent the day running around, following each person during their workouts, making sure to follow the action for some fast-paced and high-energy video! We made sure to take lots of water breaks. It was a scorcher! 

Zenya had the biggest smile on her face the whole day, having a great time with her clients in the most authentic and contagious way. I couldn’t help but smile and laugh just being behind the lens. I worked with the natural light available; the sun, using to backlight talent wherever possible. I got a great arm workout too with the DJI RS2 Gimbal fitted with a Sony Fx3.

Post Production

Editing this video project was super fun! Having shot it, then editing it myself, I already knew how the video was going to come together. I like to cut to music so that the edits are on beat. The speed-ramped vision during the motions of fast-paced movements really emphasised the action. We had a two-day turnaround for the final video, including all of Zenya’s changes. She was so happy with the video content! We had worked together to create a timeless video that inspires people to move their body in a fun and safe environment.

Zenya cannot wait to do more projects with us in the future, and that made me so proud. 

It is these kinds of projects that remind me, and the whole team at The Jasper Picture Company, why we love what we do. 

Watch the complete fitness video here:

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