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Essential Features for Inclusive Live Streaming Platforms

Ensuring everyone has an equal chance to experience a live stream event requires more than just providing a video feed. It is important to keep in mind a variety of key components when organising a live stream to make sure as many people as possible can participate. So, consider these:

Closed Captions: Providing real-time captions for the hearing-impaired is a crucial aspect of an accessible live stream. By offering this service, you allow users with hearing difficulties to follow along and fully engage with the live video.

Using professional closed captions can also communicate mood, music and the tone of your live stream.

At The Jasper Picture Company, we use a service called with various service levels, from the basic ASR (automatic speech recognition), right up to Stenocaptioning, which involves a real person and greater accuracy.

Sign Language Interpretation: Including sign language interpreters in your live stream can significantly enhance the experience for deaf viewers. A service like that offered by Deaf Connect is perfect for this.

VCOSS split screen live stream

VCOSS split screen Melbourne Live stream

Audio Description: For those with visual impairments, audio descriptions provide a valuable resource. These narrations describe the on-screen visuals in detail, allowing users with vision difficulties to understand the content better. Description Victoria has an excellent write-up on their website about this.

Adjustable Playback Speed: Offering adjustable playback speed options and the ability to rewind allows users to consume the content at their own pace, accommodating those needing more time to process information. Many live-stream platforms offer this service, such as youtube. Read more about their DVR functionality here.

Mobile and Screen Reader Compatibility: Ensure that the live-streaming platform you choose is compatible with mobile devices and screen readers, making it accessible to those with visual impairments or those on the go.

User-Friendly Interface: Design your live stream to accommodate users with varying abilities. This includes incorporating large and clear fonts and contrasting colours to improve usability. If you know people will be watching on their phones, ensure any slides are easily read.

Mental Health Live Stream Melbourne

Melbourne mental health live stream production

Best Practices for Providing Captioning and Sign Language Interpretation in Event Live Streams

Use only skilled and certified captioners and sign language (Auslan) interpreters to ensure accurate translations. Quality services will guarantee a seamless experience for viewers with hearing impairments. No one needs a repeat of the sign language interpreter during the Nelson Mandela Funeral.

Positioning and Visibility: Ensure captions and sign language interpreters are prominently displayed on the live stream without obstructing the main content. Ensure the caption font is large enough to view on a mobile phone. Clear visibility is crucial for effective communication.

Multiple Language Options: Cater to a diverse audience by offering captions and sign language interpretation in multiple languages. This expands accessibility and promotes a more inclusive environment.

Continuous Improvement: Gather feedback from viewers and implement improvements to enhance the quality and accuracy of captioning and sign language services. Regular evaluation helps identify areas for growth and ensures the best possible experience for users.

Promote Awareness: Raise awareness of the availability of captioning and sign language interpretation services in your event promotions. This informs viewers of the accessible features and encourages more people to participate.

Plan Ahead: Coordinate with event organisers and presenters to ensure all necessary resources are available for these services. Advance planning ensures a smooth experience for everyone involved.

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The Jasper Picture Company has been providing professional live-streaming services to organisations throughout Australia since 2020. They can provide live-streaming services for you from their fully-equipped Melbourne studio, but they are also able to travel to wherever your event is.

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