Twas the night before before Covid and all through the town,

Every person was booking to lock their plans down.

Not a weekend lay empty, nor a lunch left unfilled

For the plans of great feasting and gin fresh distilled.

When off in the distance, came the rumour of sick,

Of flu-like symptoms which would transmit right quick. 

Like a flash it engulfed us and spread through the land,

Every breath became risky, every touch of a hand.

And so we fled to our rooms with the doors firmly locked

And deafening did come the sound of the clock.

As the days slowly past, then the weeks, then the months, 

The diaries we’d filled were now left to rust.

And instead of the outing to the office each day,

Our home was our desk and our daily cafe.

Up with the sun for no rhyme or reason, 

And ending each day with a binged Netflix season.

We worked from our kitchen, our couches, our bath and our bed,

In pyjamas and dress shirts and untamed bed head.

We’d zoom in one room and hangout in the other;

A Webchat, an Evite, just to see one another. 

And at Jasper Pictures, we found no quick fix,

From google to WhatsApp, we were kept transfixed.

On the work we had coming and bookings intact,

The projects we finished which kept us on track. 

And now the night before Christmas we can sit and ponder,

On the past year which was a true feat of wonder.

In a world we’re kept separate and safe at all measure,

We’ve found there were moments we’d still wish to treasure.

And so we say thanks for the help that you served us,

For the chance to keep working without touching a surface.

And as this damned year now draws to an end, 

we must say goodbye, ‘till next year old friend. 

 But keepeth the faith and know that we’re strong,

The Pfizer vaccine may soon right this wrong.

So enjoy this fair Christmas with cake and with bubbly 

And we’ll see you again from The Jasper Picture Company.

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