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Tips and Strategies from a Melbourne Video Production Company

Define clear objectives

Before you start any project like this, you need to know what you’re trying to achieve. So try to clarify, in your mind, what action you are hoping the viewer will take, and what you want to make them feel.

Any high-quality video production needs to have its end goal well in sight right from the get-go; the clearer you are about your goal, the more chance you have of reaching that goal. You could, for example, be trying to raise brand awareness, showcase a particular product or service or show off your company’s culture. Whatever your particular goal is, that’s what you should be laser-focused on.

Know your target audience

Any good marketing strategy will have the target audience in mind when they are coming up with a great corporate video. You should have spent some time before this working out who buys from you. Get specific if you want to, and even create an avatar of that person so that you know exactly who you are talking to.

We highly recommend you tailor your content to that person or that audience when crafting your message. Keep in mind things like demographics, interests and pain points when working on your idea.

Develop a strong narrative

Create a story with a well-defined beginning, middle and end. Use conflict (pain points of your target audience), resolution (how your product or service can help), and emotion to get your story across. 

Viewers will very rarely remember individual shots from your videos, but they will remember how you make them feel, so make them feel something.

Showing emotion in corporate videos help connect with your audience and can humanise the content.
Showing emotion in corporate videos helps connect with your audience and can humanise the content.

Keep it concise

Attention spans are getting shorter all the time and while there isn’t an ideal length for any particular video, you should keep brevity in mind.

Focus on the most important points you want to get across and stick to them. Use clear, straightforward language. Never assume that your viewer knows what you think they know. Explain any acronyms and don’t use inside industry terminology.

Ensure high production quality

Creating high-quality video content using a professional camera, audio and lighting equipment will definitely change the way your video is perceived. 

When creating corporate content you want to make sure it matches your brand and it's important that it looks professional.
When creating corporate content you want to make sure it matches your brand and it’s important that it looks professional.

If you don’t have the necessary gear to do this in-house, engage a professional video production company in your area. Speak to colleagues, friends and family to get recommendations on a great production team to work with. They should know what they are doing but also be easy to work with. 

They can also help you with many of the other points in this blog starting from the correct type of video you should be aiming to create.

Optimise visuals and sound

Don’t be boring. Use dynamic shots, and compelling visuals to get your story across. Every shot needs to be in your video for a reason, and that reason shouldn’t be to fill a gap.

Make sure you have clear audio. Consider using background music as it can help to set the tone of the video. Music is very important when it comes to emotion in particular.

Include a strong Call-to-action (CTA)

Don’t be wishy-washy with what you want people to do when they have watched your video. Make your demand clear, concise and easy to understand. No one wants to have to click three times to do what you want them to do. Remove roadblocks and more people will act on your CTA.

Be authentic and relatable

Video viewers are smart. They can tell when a video is authentic and equally when it isn’t. You always want to come across as an organisation to trust, and you will only achieve that with authenticity.

Make the scenario in your video production relatable. If you are looking at providing a solution to a particular pain point, create a case study around someone who is in your target audience and the viewer will be much more able to relate to what you are trying to sell.

Edit for impact

Again, you don’t want to be boring in the video editing stage. Create sequences that jump off the screen. There are so many videos someone could watch; make sure that they want to watch yours.

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Measure and analyse results

After you have released the video, make sure you analyse any results. Otherwise, how will you know if it was all worth the effort? You might, for example,  want to know how long people spend watching your video or how many even engage with the thumbnail. If you’re not getting the results you want, you might need to re-edit the video or change the thumbnail and keep changing things until you find what works best for you.

Take any data that you can into your next video production and get better every time you put something into the wild.

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