Written by Emel Berdilek

Welcome back! 

I start my morning with a cold-pressed green juice and a leisurely 10km run. Then I have the perfect breakfast of the most perfect avocado and the most perfect toast and a side of my multivitamin … jokes. 

LOL … I just microwave my oats for 2 minutes. 

Every day is different. No, really, every day is totally its own adventure. 

One day, I will wake at 7am and roll into the office to edit videos. On other days I’ll find myself packing the car for a 4am shoot before the sun rises. Those are the two extremes; in reality,  I live every day somewhere in between. 

videographer emel filming outside melbourne
Videographer Emel filming outside Melbourne

On shoot days, I wake up earlier than I need to, pack the car, triple-check that I have everything, then jump in the car, hoping traffic will allow me to grab a takeaway coffee on the way (well, I am from Melbourne!). A quiet drive in the car listening to Smooth.fm or CADA gives me a chance to properly wake up if it’s a very early morning for me. 

Most days I will work with a producer and/or a camera assistant on our video productions to help keep things running and leave me to focus on the vision. Once I arrive at the location, I will give the client a call to let them know I am there, then have a look around and talk to the client about any interviews or B-roll they might want to capture. I will pick a spot, set up the camera and mics, run some checks on all the settings and sound … then we can get rolling. I will almost always shoot an interview and B-roll back-to-back. 

emel our videographer outside melbourne filming with the gimbal
Emel our videographer outside Melbourne filming with the gimbal

Some days it’s just one location; on others I will need to drive to many Melbourne locations doing the same thing. The content, however, is always different, always interesting, and I always learn something new. We are also lucky to have a cyclorama soundproof studio at our office for filming and taking photos. For me, that really feels just like working from home. 

Occasionally, music videos, workout videos, cooking videos and social media videos are on my videography to-do list. Excitingly, more and more of these projects are being fulfilled! So hey, hit us up if you want to collaborate!

I’m lucky enough to work at a video production company that loves investing in new gear and learning about them as much as I do, and our equipment catalog grows by the month. My day-to-day kit is made up of a Sony FX6, Aputure 120d and 300d lights, a shotgun mic and all the trimmings. I frequently take our DJI RS2 gimbal out for a spin with the Sony FX3. We have soooo many more lights, gels, modifiers, dolly and accessories that we break out for our bigger jobs. We recently added a SIRUI 50mm anamorphic lens to our kit, and I’m looking forward to using that! The lenses I like to use every day are from the Sigma Art series, and I  swap between a 50mm and an 85mm for interviews.  

Some days involve filming in our very own studio.

My edit days are a little more laid back than my shooting ones. Our office is in Burwood and I look forward to my days there. When I walk in, I say “Hello” to everyone and share a little banter about what we got up to over the weekend or the night before, or maybe how yesterday’s shoot went. Then it’s edit time. 

I love editing my own shoots, and doing that is a breeze because I shoot them with the edit clearly in mind –  a great time saver. In my lunch break I get to visit Brickworks, or I can walk the beautiful Gardiners Creek Trail just down the road. Walking is a great love of mine and I try to stay active where I can.

Speaking of trying to stay active, I aim to get to the gym three or four times a week to get in my steps or to do some strength training to help stay strong and keep up with the physical nature of my job. It is also a great way to decompress after a long day, and it helps keep my head clear. 

Before bed, I’ll watch a new show or shamelessly scroll through TikTok (That’s market research, okay? I swear!). 

Tomorrow, it will be time to do it all over again – whatever tomorrow will bring. 

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