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As Melbourne prepares to leave lockdown, it might seem challenging to know how to navigate your marketing messages for your non-profit or business moving forward. What do you say? How do you navigate this new normal? How has marketing become redefined post-lockdown?

Understanding these questions and considering what your business or non-profit needs during this time is critical to ensuring your business has the right message moving forward. If you’re unsure where to start with your message moving forward, here are a few guidelines that will help shape your strategy post lockdown.

  1. Understand Your Business Goals

Before starting to draft your marketing message, it’s essential to understand what your business or non-profit needs after lockdown. You’ll see an influx of businesses sending out messages within the next week that repeat the same re-opening information. You don’t want to copy every other business or send out messages “just because.” Instead, you’ll want to create focused, clear, strategy-driven messaging for your business or non-profit. You want to stand out, right?

Do you need to raise awareness of your cause again? Is growing your business profits of utmost concern? Are you focused on increasing customer service or reducing employee turnover? Whatever your business goals are, you want to ensure you’re focused on them in your message from the start.

2. Reconnect With Your Customers

After lockdown, it’s essential to reconnect with your customers. You’ll want to remind them that you’re still here, open for business, and ready to help them with the products or services that you provide. If you have a list of e-mails or phone numbers for people interested in hearing from you, now is the time to write them.

This can be done by sending out an e-mail blast, creating social media posts, or even calling customers one by one on the phone over the next week. Of course, if you want an even more interactive approach, you can always consider video production in Melbourne to help create a personable, unique video.

As workers return to the office and customers start to spend money again, you’ll want to position yourself in the forefront of their mind, so they remember you’re here!

Video Production Melbourne
Recruitment video in Melbourne during lockdown

3. Showcase Your Safety Measures

Now that lockdown is over, it’s time to showcase your safety measures. You’ve gone through the worst and come out of it stronger than ever before! If you have any new updates on processes or practices since last year, now is an excellent chance to highlight them.

Keeping everyone safe should be your first priority, and taking the time to educate both staff and employees on what that looks like can help everyone feel more comfortable entering your place of business. Safety measures might include:

  • Adding plexiglass barriers on counters
  • Requiring all employees or customers to wear masks when entering an indoor location
  • Social distance markers to alleviate crowds
  • Restriction on the number of people who can enter your business at one time
  • Having employees use single-use gloves and replace them when a new customer approaches
  • Increase in the frequency of disinfecting surfaces
  • Allowing customers to order through their phone so they have a contactless way to order and pay.
  • Increasing or offering delivery services

Highlight these items as best as possible, so customers know how much work went into ensuring that your business is committed to safety post lockdown. Whether you choose to send an e-mail blast, post signs on the door of your business or use Melbourne video production services to showcase on the front page of your website, you’ll want to ensure everyone knows exactly how your company plans to move forward.

4. Tell Customers About Service Changes

Have you changed the services or products you’re able to offer post-lockdown? If you have service changes, now is the time to tell your customers. 

If some products or services need to be temporarily discontinued due to shortages of ingredients or staff availability, let people know about these changes as well so they understand why. If you had planned to change the format of your business offerings in some way, implementing this change now is a great way to move forward as customers are aware that many businesses need to make adjustments at this time.

5. Be Transparent

Customers want transparency and authenticity from the businesses and non-profits they work with. Your customers’ and employees’ lives have changed dramatically since COVID-19, and so has your business. Being transparent about what your company’s future looks like and the reality of the situation can help customers and employees connect with your business. In addition, it can help create a great community within your business, helping everyone believe that we’re in this together.

By doing this, you end up humanizing your brand, making it resonate with customers even more. Transparency is key to helping people understand the situation, encouraging them to be supportive through this time of change, and reassuring them that you are still committed to their wellbeing as a business! To do this, incorporate heartfelt text and personalize the messages to reach your target audience. Make sure to update your marketing e-mails and social media strategy to relate to the current business landscape.

6. Consider Your Office Return Strategy

If you closed your office for a period of time due to lockdown, are you planning on re-opening? If so, what makes it different from before COVID-19 took place? How has the new business environment impacted how your employees work or interact with customers?

As more people become aware that they need to take precautions when entering their favorite businesses and restaurants, many may opt out or look for guidance from the companies they love. But, unfortunately, your staff might not be prepared to meet these challenges head-on after being locked down themselves.

Having an idea of how you plan to manage your employee’s concerns regarding safety, what you’ve learned from COVID-19, and how to make your business stand out in this new landscape is vital. Going into a post-lockdown business with a strong office return strategy can help your business and non-profit stand out and be admired instead of having pushback from your staff.

7. Be Open to Feedback

After COVID-19, your customers are likely going to have a lot of feedback for you regarding what happened during the lockdown and how you can move forward as a business together. Take their suggestions into consideration when coming up with marketing strategies or changes in policy that could work better for everyone involved!

By doing this, you’ll be able to rebuild trust among your staff members and customers after lockdown, so they feel comfortable being part of your brand again. If there was something about the way things were before COVID-19 took place that worked really well – incorporate those elements now, so others become aware too! Try having an open dialogue at all times with employees and customers alike by keeping them updated on marketing strategies and events.

How To Reach Your Customers Moving Forward

Once you have an idea of how you want to phrase your marketing message, you’ll have to consider how you want to distribute your message. There are tons of ways to grow your marketing message, including:

Melbourne video production coming out of lockdown announcement.
Melbourne coming out of lockdown video production company announcement on Instagram
  • Social Media: With more than 20.5 million social media users in Australia, distributing your news through social media can be highly effective in reaching your customers. You’ll want to promote your services through social media platforms, along with geotags, to catch the attention of your local population.
  • Website Marketing: If you have a website, why aren’t you adding your marketing message to it? For example, you can have a video pop-up upon entering your website that shares the COVID-19 changes you’ve made in your business or even showcase a dedicated page to policy, service, or product changes.
  • E-mail Marketing: A great way to reach out and connect with customers after lockdown is through e-mail. Include information about what happened during COVID-19 and how you plan to move forward as a business. You can also include links that direct them to your website or social media platforms where they can learn more about your plan of action and how it will impact their day-to-day life with the way you do business.

Showcase Your Message With Video Production Melbourne Today

After lockdown, building trust is more valuable than ever before. However, when it comes to connecting with your staff, employees and shareholders, sending a written message can feel impersonal or may not convey the right tone. Video has become this incredible opportunity where we are able to find out who companies really are beyond their social media posts and are the perfect way to showcase your company or non-profit in the right way. At Jaspar Picture company, we’d love to help you craft the perfect marketing message for your business or non-profit.

The Jasper Picture Company is a Melbourne-based video production company. We are Australia’s leading video production company with an award-winning team that will help you create your dream project. Let’s chat today about creating your marketing message post-lockdown. We have crew all over Australia and can be wherever you are.