1. Training 

Designed for internal use, it would help train those within your company in relation to new tasks, new legislation etc.

2. Recruiting Video

How do you attract the right staff, with the right attitude? Produce a video for external use that highlights all of the reasons why potential employees should be working in your business.

3. Onboarding  

When you hire a new staff member have them watch an informative video that explains to them the culture of your company along with other important information that they need to know.

4. CEO/Boss messages 

Maybe you have staff in more than one location. Get the boss to record a message to everyone and send all staff a link to watch it. 

5. Employee Profiles

Tell the world how good your employees are, one at a time.

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5. Virtual Tour

Have people take a tour of your facilities from the comfort of their home or office. This helps bring clients into your space and keeps your company open and transparent.

7. Customer Testimonials 

Let your current customers find you some new ones! Record stories and experiences from those you’ve helped and see some new faces come rolling in.

8. Company Intro 

Tell the world about your business using moving pictures and throw it on the front page of your website. Websites with video have a much higher click through rate than those that don’t.

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9. Customer Case Study 

More in depth than a testimonial, these videos will spend longer telling the story of one particular customer, the problem they had, and how you solved it.

10. Video Blogs 

Does your company blog? If it does, maybe you could think of adding video blogs to your lineup. Blogs are still one of the best ways for potential customers to interact with your web site. Integrating the video format allows your customers to see what you do from day to day and give insights into the industry. 

11. Timelapse 

Are you building a new supermarket, or maybe you are mining under the stars? A time lapse can help tell a long story in a short time frame (and they look pretty good as well). Captivate potential customers and show how efficiently you can work. 

12. New product

Get the word out that you are selling something new and let people know why they need it. A stylish video can create buzz amongst your customer base and send the new product off with a bang!

13. Product feature 

Maybe you sell a whole range of different products, maybe consider creating a short video on each and uploading one a week to social media.

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14. Change Management

Are you making changes to your company name? Logo? – make a video to let people know about the change and how it might affect them.

15. Explainer

Tell potential customers how you do things so that they know the value you provide.

16. Promotional 

Got something that you want to sing from the rooftops? Make a video to let everyone know just how good your company is.

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17. Historical 

Did your business start trading moments after the first fleet arrived? Let potential customers know where you have come from so that they can understand where you are going.

18. Video News Release 

Maybe your company makes a chemical that kills deadly germs and it just isn’t practical to have twelve news crews traipsing through your lab. Have a VNR made and send it out to media outlets or throw it on social media.

19. Explainer

Tell potential customers how you do things so that they know the value you provide. This will help them feel informed and taken care of, whilst you get to talk about your area of expertise and advertise at the same time!

20. Endorsement 

Got an influencer or an industry expert on your payroll? Film their reactions to your best products and share it to their fans. One of the easiest ways to get instant notoriety.

21. Social Media 

All of the above can be used on Social Media. Pictures may though need to be reformatted or re-edited. For example Instagram only allows 60 second videos.

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Whatever you hope to create, you can be sure we will be able to help you out. Give us a call on our new phone number, 1800 JASPER or, if you need some more ideas on what we can do, feel free to check out our work on Vimeo or read our past blogs.

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