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52 weeks, 52 videos  – Part One

This month – at The Jasper Picture Company – we have launched a new deal: 52 weeks, 52 videos. The reason for the name is quite straightforward: 52 weeks in one year, we make you 52 videos, so you can release one a week. Simple, no?

We’ve had a massive amount of interest on our offer in quite a short time, so I thought I’d write a short blog outlining some of the details. This is part one of that blog.

Where did the idea come from? Why 52:52?

A couple of years ago, a survey I did of a group of communications and marketing professionals highlighted, to me, their perception of pricing for ‘video content’ as being rather complicated. To counteract that impression, we’d like to simplify how we charge you, our clients, so that you’ll be able to see exactly where every dollar goes.

Over the last couple of years we have played around with a number of charging models to simplify things, and that process has led us to our 52 weeks, 52 videos concept. As well as simplification, we happen to think this approach will give great value for money for companies both big and – just as importantly – small.

But first, why do you need our services?

Making videos is what we do best, and we want you to have the best … to help you to grow your business. Being able to plan your information and marketing strategy in a straightforward manner should help you to reach that end. A win:win situation, surely?

So, we want to help you, and to help you solve problems you may not even realise you have. How’s that for service!

“What problems?” I hear you ask, “We don’t have any problems!”

Here are just three of those we have identified, not just through our ongoing research process but also from meetings we’ve had with companies over the last few weeks.

Firstly, 52 weeks, 52 videos gives your content strategy (whether video or otherwise) some logical structure. It allows you to think twelve months ahead, if necessary, so that you can plan your content, rather than just react to external influences. When you sign up for 52 week, 52 videos, you will receive a 12-month calendar that we have specifically prepared to be simple and easy to use. On it you will find important dates and important months around which you can plan your content.

Suppose you have a strong inclusion policy; planning some content around International Women’s Day could help engage viewers. Perhaps your green credentials could do with a bit of polishing up; some content about World Environment Day or Clean Water Day could help to get your message across. Viewers want to be able to trust you as a company, and seeing examples of the changes your company could help bring about in society, not just seeing that you’re in the business of relieving them of their money, is a great way to build trust.

Being able to plan well in advance allows you to organise blocks of content. Maybe March could be product month; November could be the time you introduce some male staff members to your audience, using their Movember participation as a point of connection. Having structure like this also allows you to add other content to your video campaign – documents, still pictures and emails, for example. Together, they can become a unified whole.

As well as structure, a 52 weeks, 52 videos approach should also give your content strategy a degree of consistency it might otherwise lack. OK, you might have been like me when I was working in the business alone. I worked hard to get content out as often as possible, but being the business and making sure I met client deadlines meant that often I missed my own deadlines for content. If this happens with you as well, it can be that contact between you and your clients or potential clients is only sporadic, at best – a much-less-than-ideal situation! If, on the other hand, there’s regular, weekly contact, your clients with will always have you and your brand at the front of their mind, and their ability to recall your company when a buying opportunity presents itself will be higher.

Projecting authenticity is so, so important … so build ongoing relationships

Telling stories is about making connections, and to make connections we need to be believable. And authentic!

How can 52 weeks, 52 videos play a role? Well, this approach will help you to show the world your – and your company’s – authentic self. Authenticity is pretty much the number one point we make when advising clients on their video content. If people who watch the video think that you or your team are being authentic, there’s a much greater chance of that client connecting with you. To put it the other way: most people can pick a ‘swifty’ quicker than … well, you know the rest!

People don’t want to be sold to all the time (hence the rise of services like NETFLIX and STAN in preference to free-to-air TV), so, by building trusting relationships with potential customers, there’s a greater likelihood of them becoming fans of your brand, even before they commit to signing up for your product or service.

But how can we find enough to talk about?

Another key question we have been getting is this: “How do I come up with 52 video ideas over the course of a year?”  I want to reassure you that that part of the exercise really is a whole lot easier than you think! We’ll be with you throughout, and you’ll be allocated a dedicated production manager to work with you for the whole twelve months.

I often explain the ‘What can we feature’ dilemma like this. Imagine you are a florist. Think of the content that’s associated with special days, like Mother’s Day, Valentines Day and Christmas? What about meet-the-staff videos? (There are at least as many stories as there are people …) Then perhaps some ‘introduce-the-product’ videos explaining the different type of roses and other blooms you stock? Could you make videos on how to look after your flowers after purchase? Or the significance of different flowers for different occasions? And what about showing your customers where their flowers come from? How many weeks do you think these would cover?

I could literally rattle off a list like this for almost any company in any industry, whether you’re a sole trader or a huge multinational. The guiding principles with any of these videos – what we always need to keep in mind – is that they need to be informative, educational and engaging.

If you are wanting to get on board this offer or just find out more info we have a sign up page – it can be found here –

Thanks for reading this part one blog for the 52 weeks, 52 videos project that we have going. As always, if you want more information, please just call or text me on 0467 092 907, or email at



Matt Jasper

Matt Jasper is the owner of The Jasper Picture Company. He is based in Melbourne but works around Australia and the world.