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52 weeks, 52 videos  – Part Two

Last  month – at Jasper Pictures – we launched a new deal:
52 weeks, 52 videos. The reason for the name is quite straightforward: 52 weeks in one year, we make you 52 videos, you release one each week. Simple, no?

We’ve had a massive amount of interest on our offer in quite a short time, so I thought I’d write a short blog outlining some of the details. This is part two of that blog.

Part one can be found here.

When I left you last week I was talking about what you could make videos about. I thought I would take up that theme again this week, particularly after some people I’ve been talking with have expressed concern that they wouldn’t have enough interesting content to fill up a year. Some more real-world, practical examples might help with your thinking.

A need to build their online presence

I spoke, recently, with the Operations Manager at a
seven-day-a-week building supply company. Their sales have been on the up and up but they also want to raise their online, social media presence. They often trade as a business-to-business (so-called ‘b2b’) company, but at other times they deal directly with end-use customers (‘b2c’), particularly when the homeowner wants a choice of product.

After I heard a bit more about their operations, I came up with a long list of possible videos. Here are just a few:

  • Meeting the staff: introducing the actual people who might be installing the product
  • Customer testimonials: no one wants to be the first to use a product, get real examples
  • Where products come from: the wood they use is sustainably sourced; that is worth talking about
  • Protecting the environment: they use materials that don’t harm the environment; talk about them
  • How the products are made: a look inside the workshop to show how the products are made, particularly looking at Quality Control – building trust
  • How to look after your product: to show the end user what they should be doing to keep their product like new
  • Monthly specials: once a month they will be featuring one of their products and will offer a special deal
  • DIY: often their products are bought directly by end-users; these videos will give them an idea how to install the product

Bite down on this one

The next company I’ll talk about, a
dental practise in the Melbourne suburbs, is hoping to open a second shopfront and they want to do better on Instagram and Facebook. After they outlined what they offer, I came up with a list of potential videos that included the following:

  • Meet the staff: they had been having trouble telling the stories of a couple of the staff through photos, and video is a much better option
  • Before and after: The law is clear – dentists aren’t allowed to make testimonials, but they can show before and after. This can be used in relation to the fitting of braces, tooth whitening and the like
  • Looking after your teeth: Tips and tricks around keeping your pearly whites pearly and white
  • Tips and tricks to get your kids to brush every day
  • What happens during certain procedures: Videos that may help calm patients down and talk them through the benefits of certain procedures
  • What to do when … : If you have a tooth knocked out, or you break a tooth, what should you do?
  • Meet the owners: The owners live inside their catchment area, so they will show their connections to the community they serve
  • Charity work: The practise works with a couple of local charities, and videos would be made to show the changes they are making
  • A Christmas greeting and thank-you video to all their patients
  • The latest in dental technology:  The practise uses leading edge dental technology, and they will show what can – and can’t – be done with new equipment.

OK, so you’re not dentists, right? (but then, very few folks are!), but some of these ideas will be appropriate for any business. Yours, perhaps!

… and finally, could this example help you design your approach?

Our last company example today is an engineering firm I’ve been dealing with. They work mostly as ‘b2b’ and want their weekly videos to be used on their Linkedin page and their website. They are also resellers for various industry software applications. Once again, any of the suggestions I’ve made above could be used in this business, or any other.

  • Software feature videos: They are planning to make videos that show customers the problems that can be solved with the various software applications they resell
  • Business wrap: Once a month they will be giving an overview of what is going on within the business – new contracts, finished contracts etc.
  • Before and after: Videos to show the work that they have performed, before and after
  • Meet the staff:  Videos to show potential customers that they can be trusted and that they are human
  • History videos: They want to show customers how they started and to prove that they haven’t just come down in the last rain shower
  • Conference wraps: Every year there are a few industry conferences they attend;  they want to let customers know about new industry trends

As you can see, there are tons of videos that you could be making for your business, to increase your social media presence and your sales. Just think about the amount of material you will have gathered after doing this for a year – video material you will have access to that could be repurposed for years to come.

Isn’t it all just too hard?

As well as the perception some businesses seem to have of a dearth of suitable content, the other message I tend to hear at meetings is, “Gee, all that seems like a lot of work! Isn’t it all just too hard?”

I want to reassure you, here and now, that if you plan what you are going to do a few months out, it will be less work than you think. Planning will give you peace of mind that the ideas are already there, The Jasper Picture Company will do the rest. When you sign up, you will be allocated a Production Manager who will be with you every step of the way, helping you with ideas and helping you to understand what goes into the shoot days. We designed this offer to make things easier for you, not harder.

So let’s meet up and talk

I am still conducting meetings in relation to
52 weeks: 52 videos, over Skype or face-to-face. Give me a call on 0467092907 or email me at if you would like to know more.

Video Production Australia

Just one final point: This offer isn’t open just to companies in Melbourne; it’s valid all over Australia. We have crews in each state and will be able to work with you, wherever you are.

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