The Jasper Picture Company.

You dream. We create. We tell stories.

We are not your average video production company.

We care about your ROI just as much as we do about creating powerful video content.

Our mission is to create content for you across any platform. Go to our portfolio to see examples of our work.


With you from the beginning.

We can be with you right from the beginning, right from when you have an inkling, an idea of what you want to achieve. We can help turn that idea into a creative concept. We will push the boundaries to make sure that your video stands out from the crowd.


Scripting and pre-production is where it all starts to come together.

Ideas get put down on a page and you will really start to understand how your project is going to shine. We can work on the whole script for you and organise talent and locations if thats what is required. You of course will get many opportunities to collaborate in every stage of the process. This is where the real storytelling starts to take shape.


This is where we get to play with all of our state of the art toys.

We will bring the highest production values possible to record your content. Whether you need a drone, or you want to shoot in 4k to future proof the work then we can accommodate. We will gather the right crew to get the job done right the first time and in the most productive way possible.


The post-production process is where everything comes together.

Whether it is animations, graphics, voiceovers or just straight up visual storytelling we have got you covered. This is also where we can repurpose our edits to take advantage of the different requirements of various social media channels. Need your video on Facebook? Done. Need it on Insta or snapchat? Done. If you can post video to it we will upload it. You will get the opportunity to also fine tune the edit as we get closer to the completion date. We will also deliver the completed project in your required format.

Meet some of the team.

Matt has 8 awards from the Australian Cinematographers Society and 2 from Amnesty international. He is also a Hawthorn tragic. Don’t hate him.
Matt Jasper
Director of Photography
Atalanti is a multi-award winning screen content producer. The scope of her work stems across a range of projects, short films, high end music videos and TV commercials, feature films, documentaries, interactive documentaries, web series and corporate marketing/branded content. She is a storyteller at heart. She also has the longest bio.
Atalanti Dionysus
Senior Producer - Melbourne

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